Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1111

Chapter 1111 About To Leave

Chapter 1111: About to Leave
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As Yun Bilu spoke, she held Huang Yizes arm tightly. Standing on her tiptoes, she looked at him without blinking, gravely afraid that she might miss something.

Huang Yize pursed his lips, radiating a cold and sinister aura. Darkness swirled within his eyes, making him look mysterious and distant.

He wasnt worried. Instead, he simply wanted Yun Bilu to be able to have another chance in the future. He wanted her to stay complete.

After all, the Black Dragon Gang would be undertaking a huge mission soon, and there would inevitably be danger.


Before Huang Yize could say anything, his phone rang.

Yun Bilu knew what was going on and immediately released Huang Yizes hand, allowing him to answer the call.

Huang Yize looked at his phone, and his expressions tensed up. He picked up the call.

Young Master, Old Master is in danger!

Upon hearing those words, Huang Yizes expressions changed drastically. His aura turned cold as he answered, Ill return immediately.

Huang Yize turned around and looked at Yun Bilu. Holding her shoulders, he said, Something happened at home. You take care of yourself in school and must always stay safe. Dont let your imagination run wild even if I dont contact you. Dont do anything crazy too. Your safety is the most important. Think of your elder sister and grandfather Also, do your revision properly. Dont get into trouble Avoid the Zuoqiu family at all costs. If they were to look for you, just refuse to meet them.

Yun Bilus heart tensed up. She suddenly felt as though something bad was about to happen, prompting Huang Yize to leave.

Yun Bilu hadnt been listening to Huang Yizes instructions. She merely heard that he was going back immediately.

Yize, will you leave me?

This was the first time Yun Bilu spoke to Huang Yize in that insecure and gentle tone. It was also the first time she called him Yize. In the past, she had always addressed him by his full name.

Moreover, her whole body was emanating a sense of misery.

Huang Yizes heart trembled, and his gaze was full of helplessness. Looking at Yun Bilu, he didnt know what else to do. She should be carefree, just like she usually was. Misery didnt suit her at all.

At that moment, Huang Yize thought that he was rather selfish. If he didnt allow her to get close to him initially or offered her any hope, she wouldnt be feeling sad now.

But could he still let her go now?

Huang Yize was feeling very conflicted deep down.

Bilu, listen, you have to take care of yourself first. Dont just think about me. If theres someone else who likes you and treats you well Huang Yize couldnt continue. He felt that his own words were piercing through his own heart.

Are you trying to tell me to fall in love with someone else?

No, Bilu. I have something important to deal with at home. I dont know when I can come back to look for you. I dont want to waste your time.

Yun Bilu answered solemnly, How dangerous is it? Im not afraid. Take me with you. I want to help you.


The Black Dragon Gangs matters were not that simple. They spread all across the world, and danger was everywhere.

Huang Yize, listen. If you like me, Ill wait here for you. If you tell me that you dont like me anymore, Ill go for someone else. Yun Bilu felt that Huang Yize had always done things in his own way and had never considered her own feelings. This time, she wanted to force an answer out of him.

Huang Yize sighed. He didnt say a word and simply turned around and left.

Yun Bilu watched his departing figure and wanted to chase after him. However, she stopped herself. She would never bother him ever again.