Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1112

Chapter 1112 Working Hard For Love

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She would wait for him to return. If he didnt, she would still look for him. She didnt care even if it were dangerous.

Also, she felt that she would never fall for anyone else. She knew how wholesome Huang Yize was. Her elder sister had also said that it was hard to meet a man who cherished her, so she ought to hold onto him.

Although she hadnt had much experience, she understood that not all men were reliable, after seeing what her elder sister and Elder Sister Yaoyao had been through.

But she simply felt that Huang Yize was trustworthy.

Within a short amount of time, Huang Yize delegated all the work on the student union to Ji Zhiye. He also relayed instructions to his subordinates.

In addition, he arranged for his men to protect Yun Bilu in the dark and finally left Noel Harlem University.

Ji Zhiye looked at the pile of documents on the table and felt a sense of dread. He was already in his last year of school, and everyone was leaving one by one. They were all waiting for the graduation ceremony to happen. On the other hand, he still had to deal with the student unions matters.

However, he thought of a brilliant idea. Since they were going to graduate sooner or later, hed pick someone with potential amongst his juniors to train him.

Since Huang Yize left, Yun Bilu began to revise obediently and busied herself at her cafe. She was truly serious in her work.

Her three roommates were worried that something would happen to Yun Bilu, but she remained the same. Instead, she even comforted the three of them and said, Were all in our last year of school. Those with no more classes will go home, and others will look for a job. Theyll only return for the graduation ceremony. Huang Yize cant possibly watch over me all the time. A man cant have no career ambitions.

Xiao Nan patted Yun Bilus head and asked, Are you really okay?

Xiao Huan asked doubtfully, Theres something wrong with you!

Chu Xin crossed her arms and said seriously, The rumors say that Young Master Huang had hugged our Little Lulu that day and kissed her deeply. Everyone around them was so envious. Theres nothing wrong with their relationship.

The days in school returned to normal, but Yun Bilu became even more hardworking. Even when there were no classes, she was nowhere to be seen.

Yun Bilu signed up for taekwondo and martial arts classes to begin toughening up herself.

A lot of those who had signed up for these classes had merely been bored and were trying to pass the time. On the other hand, Yun Bilu was exceptionally serious.

Her resilience made her coaches exclaim in admiration too, and they always praised her in class every day.

Because Yun Bilu already possessed some martial arts background, she picked up the new skills very quickly. In the end, the coach taught Yun Bilu individually and passed on all the skills that belonged to his own family.

Yun Bilu was very grateful, and she worked even harder.

If she werent revising, Yun Bilu would be training hard. To her, her days were fulfilling. In a relationship, when one worked hard for her loved one, shed feel that her life was lovely. With a goal in mind, one would work hard and harbor hope for life.

She also visited the library to borrow some romance novels. Before she slept at night, shed read them.

When her roommates found out, they thought that something huge had happened to her. Yun Bilu simply said that she wanted to improve herself.

After reading a few books, Yun Bilu did learn a few things. She realized that one shouldnt keep talking about how much she loved the other in a relationship. She ought to work hard to make her relationship bloom.

Her roommates were concerned that those novels would disrupt her revision, but it was odd that Yun Bilu became even more studious. She woke up at five in the morning to revise, train, and manage her cafe. She only returned to the dormitory at eleven in the evening to sleep.

When she returned, she would still lie on the bed to read her novels.

Her schedule was so busy that her roommates couldnt even have the chance to see her.