Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1113

Chapter 1113 Testing Her Martial Arts Skills

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After Huang Yize returned to the Black Dragon Gang, he was so busy that he could only sleep three hours every day. However, he still found the time to catch up on Yun Bilus status in school.

Reviewing the documents on Yun Bilus past few days, he realized that she was doing well and wasnt feeling overly upset.

He heaved a sigh of relief. That girl was always different from her peers. She was always so positive and optimistic.

Sometimes, he pictured her as a weed. She was resilient and working hard to grow. He also learned to be more optimistic from her.

Even though he was walking along a dark path, he shouldnt give up too, right?

After feeling assured about Yun Bilu, Huang Yize focused on the Black Dragon Gang. His father was gravely ill, and as his son, he had to take on the responsibilities.

When Yun Bilu continued her training, a new member joined the class. Typically, Yun Bilu wouldnt care.

But this time, this new member wasnt unknown to herhe was Qianye Ziyu.

Yun Bilu was taken aback. Qianye Ziyu looked like he was highly skilled. When he demonstrated a few moves, it was clear that he was already well trained.

Although she was doubtful, Yun Bilu wasnt curious.

She didnt speak to Qianye Ziyu, but the others still did. In particular, many of the girls went nuts and swamped around Qianye Ziyu.

Qianye Ziyu looked at Yun Bilu, who trained intensely by the side, and walked over to her. Classmate, we meet again.

Yun Bilu was training while she chuckled. We meet again. Such a coincidence! After speaking, she no longer looked at Qianye Ziyu.

An odd glint flashed across Qianye Ziyus bright eyes, and he said, Yun Bilu, do you know that Zuoqiu Zimei is in the hospital?

Yun Bilu was startled, and her movements slowed down. She then asked calmly, Hmm, if shes in the hospital, why arent you taking care of her?

Yun Bilu remembered Huang Yize had told her not to contact the Zuoqiu family before he left. Qianye Ziyu was linked to the Zuoqiu family, so she ought to steer clear of them.

The corners of Qianye Ziyus lips curled up slightly. It was the first time his appearance didnt attract the opposite sex.

He didnt continue speaking and left. Because of this episode, the girls in class began to pick on Yun Bilu. They thought that she had attracted their prince and began to ostracize her.

Yun Bilu wasnt bothered at all and continued her training.

While she was having lunch one day, a few girls circled around her and challenged her.

Hey, what school are you from? You look like a seductive fox. You must have come to hook up with other guys.

Thats right. Youre even pretending to be high and mighty. Who are you trying to impress?

Shes dressed in shabby clothes every time she comes, yet shes so pretentious. So gross!

When in school, Yun Bilu treated everyone well and was rather popular. However, there were people from all walks of life out in society. She had merely come to train herself and didnt interact much with others. Therefore, everyone thought that she was pretending to be high and mighty.

But for those girls to pick on her, it was clear that they werent nice. Therefore, Yun Bilu didnt care about them either.

She just wondered how her training had been recently and wanted to test it out on those girls. She swung her elbows and asked, Do you have a problem with me? Shall we have a match? This is our training grounds, so lets have our martial arts skills speak for us.