Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1114

Chapter 1114 Practice Spar

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After speaking, a provoking glint flashed across Yun Bilus eyes, but she was happy inside. After all, a moving target would make a better practice as compared to a wooden one.

She did not have to incite a fight or anything since they came up to her.

Looking at how arrogant Yun Bilu was acting, they were all itching to fight. They had never seen such a suicidal person who fueled the chaos.

If you want a spar, then lets spar. When you lose later, dont say that its our fault.

Yeah. Look at those thin arms. I think we just need one person to finish you.

Yun Bilu wanted to take all of them on at the same time, but after thinking, fighting against a group would not benefit her learning. If she fought them one by one, she would be able to learn more.

Thinking about it, Yun Bilu said, Okay, then let us fight one-on-one.

Although the few girls did not like Yun Bilu, they still had their honor as martial practitioners. They were not capable of ganging up to bully a person, so they planned on having a one-on-one as well.

Her opponents lined up one by one while Yun Bilu readied her stance.

When it began, Yun Bilu flipped over and fought with both her hands and legs.

The two of them stumbled backwards from the force of their respective punches. Qin Yan, one of those girls, realized abruptly that Yun Bilus skills were not shabby. Both her strength and speed made her eyes shine.

She felt energized all of a sudden as she clenched her fists. She aimed for Yun Bilus legs before doing a cartwheel, spinning her legs like a hurricane to tackle her head.

But Yun Bilu used a flowing form to go against her tough one, redirecting her force, causing Qin Yans attacking power to decrease. Her arms formed like a pair of scissors before she brought them down forcefully.

Qin Yan barely dodged the blow, and her leg that could not avoid in time started to ache.

Yun Bilu did not give her time to react. She leaped and did a flip in the air to prepare for a strong kick.

Qin Yan slid backwards parallel to the ground to dodge it, but after Yun Bilu landed, she quickly turned to strike at her shoulders with her legs.

In the end, Qin Yan fell, and the remaining people who asked for the fight widened their eyes comically.

Who wouldve expected that? This girl could not be judged by her looks. She already had these skills despite being new.

Although you are not bad, Qin Yan is one of the weaker ones. I will fight you next.

Yun Bilu readied her stance. Lets start.

It was another round of intense fighting. Both of them had the aura of a tiger, and their determination was untamable as they fought.

There were a total of six people. Yun Bilu was panting after the spars, and she had already won five of them.

She realized that these spars were extremely helpful for her learning. She knew that she needed more improvement, so she wanted to find inspiration from their moves.

Out of the six people, although she lost to the last one, they could not help but reveal an impressed expressiona deep form of respect for the strong. That was why the six of them stopped harassing her because of Qianye Ziyu.

However, since Yun Bilu got to taste the benefits, she wanted to spar some more. After that, she used the chance to get closer to Qianye Ziyu to provoke the girls in the training class. She badly wanted to learn how to fight.

It wouldnt be a proper fight if they werent bouts due to the friction between people.

Qianye Ziyu did not understand why and asked, Why are you willing to interact with me?