Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1116

Chapter 1116 Talent

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Since everyone hoped to receive her advice, they all agreed.

Because they spent a long time by Yun Bilus side, everyone was influenced by her spirit and started to train hard as well.

The instructor discovered afterwards that several students had become extremely motivated even without him pushing them for it.

And wherever Yun Bilu went, there would be a big group of girls following behind her. She was like the leader of the group.

The instructor sighed. Some people were born with the ability to attract others, and since Yun Bilu was influencing everyone to do better, he did not bother with it as well.

He had seriously considered teaching his familys martial arts to Yun Bilu.

The instructors name was Gu Zhengshun from a hidden martial arts family. He did not like being restricted, so he hid his own identity and opened a martial arts class. This was his first group of students.

Also, who knew that there would be such a talented student amongst his first students?

For a martial arts family, one had to be talented to practice the art. However, to achieve the pinnacle, one must be both talented and hardworking.

He would continue to observe. If this girl was truly good, he would take her as a disciple.

And if she became his disciple, she would become a person whom the Gu family would protect.

Meanwhile, Yun Bilu did not know the true identity of her instructor. All she thought was that the instructor was teaching her attentively, so she should do her best to learn the different styles.

Furthermore, she thought that she should do her best to guide others.

Every day, she would fall asleep in exhaustion, but she always looked forward to the next day. It was tiring but fulfilling.

Qianye Ziyu similarly realized that Yun Bilu stopped seeking him out, and he could not get used to it.

Actually, it wasnt that she was not seeking him out. In fact, it was more that Yun Bilu was avoiding him.

When Yun Bilu saw Qianye Ziyu, she would quickly turn around. She felt apologetic towards Qianye Ziyu since she just used him. It would be great if he did not misunderstand her.

But no matter how Yun Bilu avoided him, there would be times when they would meet.

When Yun Bilu was about to turn around, Qianye Ziyus melodious voice came from behind. Yun Bilu, are you avoiding me right now?

Yun Bilu quickly waved her hands and shook her head. How is that possible?

Qianye Ziyu chuckled. Yeah, and you even called me the Prince Charming of fairy tales, so you wouldnt avoid me, right? I have two tickets for a movie, but I have no one who will accompany me for it. I think its really wasted.

It will be wasted?

Yun Bilu furrowed her brows and took the tickets from Qianye Ziyu hands. Aish, it is the story about the demon king. How about this, I will buy these tickets from you, and I will get the sisters to go watch it. After speaking, Yun Bilu even patted his shoulders like they were brothers.

Qianye Ziyu sighed and shook his head resignedly before turning away. He realized that he needed a strong heart to interact with Yun Bilu.

For a long period of time, Huang Yize had been too busy. One time when he was out for a mission, he had a close shave.

The first thing he did was not to rest but to look at Yun Bilus information. He badly wanted to know how she was doing recently.

When he saw the information on the document, his expression changed completely, and the temperature of the room dropped several degrees.

He tightened his grip on the chair, and with a crack, the wooden handle of the chair broke into pieces.

Huang Yizes gaze became cold and sharp.

Zuo Yi felt his heart thump as he looked on from the side. It was his first time seeing Young Masters emotions expressed so evidently.