Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1117

Chapter 1117 First Emotional Outburst

Chapter 1117: First Emotional Outburst
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This Yun Bilu was an unexpected variable in Young Masters lifeto be able to cause Young Masters first emotional outburst.

No matter what Young Master encountered in the past, he would always treat it calmly and keep his emotions deep within himself.

It was his first time seeing such an expression on Young Master.

Huang Yizes gaze was sharp and cold. An indescribable emotion surfaced in his heart. All he could think about was how the person he loved was speaking of how good someone else was.

Huang Yizes mind was screaming in chaos, with both anger and a dull ache throbbing through his heart.

Even though he said that she could go ahead and fall in love with someone else, when she got closer to Qianye Ziyu, he had the urge to grab her and keep her by his side.

Yun Bilu, Yun Bilu That was all that was running through Huang Yizes mind at that moment.

Zuo Yi kept his head lowered and did not even dare to breathe loudly.

Although he had followed Young Master for a long time and knew about his character, this side of Young Master today made him realize that he did not truly understand him.

The Young Master that he used to know was so calm it was unlike a normal person. Now, he would get jealous and furious.

Actually, when he read through the information that was reported, he expected Young Master to be jealous. He simply did not expect Young Masters reaction to be so huge.

Huang Yize suddenly felt the urge to want Bilus everythingto make it so that she belongs to only him, and to make it so that she couldnt leave him.

Saying things like it was for the best of her, he was not such a selfless person. He had his possessiveness and greed too.

Actually, the reason why he said all those was perhaps he subconsciously thought that Yun Bilu would not fall for anybody else.

Huang Yize realized his faults. He made a mistake by being overconfident.

Zuo Yi wanted to say something to Young Master, but he abruptly realized that Young Masters hand was bleeding.

Young Master, your hand! Zuo Yi gasped, moving forward to tend to Huang Yizes hand.

He was hurting so much he wanted to cry. His Young Master was so strong. He had never hurt himself ever since he was ten, but now he was harming himself.

Ahhh, if those elders saw this, they would think that it was his fault for not taking good care of Young Master and would chop his hand off for it.

Young Master

Huang Yize swept Zuo Yis hand away and said, This small wound is nothing much.

This amount of bleeding was nothing compared to the tightness he felt in his heart.

Young Master, if you dont take good care of yourself, Miss Yuns heart would definitely ache.

Huang Yizes aura chilled several degrees as his gaze darkened. He said coldly, Her heart will ache? It wont.

Zuo Yi was going crazy. Young Master, where did your EQ go? Wasnt it very high? Why couldnt he see a trace of it in the Young Master now?

Zuo Yi wiped his sweat off and insisted, Young Master, youve only read through half of the information. If you continue reading, you will understand.

Huang Yize raised a brow at Zuo Yi, seemingly considering the truth in his words.

Zuo Yi raised his hand up. Young Master, I dare to joke around you on usual days, but I wouldnt for this matter. This concerns a huge part of Young Masters life, and I know that Young Madam would definitely be Miss Yun Bilu. She is the most compatible with you, and no one is as outstanding as Young Master. Only you can bring happiness to Miss Yun Bilu All others can be exposed, but his bullshit should not be. He felt that it was okay to put in some good words when it came to relationships.

As expected, Huang Yizes expression became better.

He used his uninjured hand to flip through the document. When he reached the end, his expression had already relaxed.

Huang Yizes lips curled into a smile. This girl really had her cunning ways.