Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1118

Chapter 1118 Does Young Master Look Like A Prince Charming?

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The more Huang Yize read, the better his mood became. The temperature of the air around him started to rise again.

Zuo Yi finally managed to breathe as well. He finally understood how important Miss Yun Bilu was to Young Master.

Although Huang Yize knew that Yun Bilu only got close to Qianye Ziyu temporarily and avoided him afterwards, the words that she had saidthings like Prince Charmingstill made his heart feel stuffy and upset.

Huang Yize sat in a lazy manner and leaned his head back against the chair, giving off an intoxicating charm with an emperor-like aura.

He sank into deep thought for a while before he asked, Zuo Yi, do all girls like Prince Charmings?

Zuo Yi did not understand why Young Master would ask about this. He thought over his words carefully before he said, Not necessarily. Every girl would definitely dream of having a Prince Charming to save them and give them happiness when theyre in their youth. But in reality, most girls will choose the person who treats them well and whom they love to be in a relationship with. Thats why there are dark horses out there as well.

As Zuo Yi said that, he observed Young Masters expression carefully. He noticed that Young Master frowned and became more serious. His heart started palpitating as he became nervous, afraid that he had said something wrong.

Miss Yun Bilu doesnt seem like she likes Prince Charmings, though. From the basketball competition until now, you were the only one in Miss Yun Bilus eyes, Young Master. Furthermore, for the past two years, Young Master had always been a part of her life. Thats why I guess that Young Master is the most important person to her.

Huang Yize supported his head as he asked calmly, Zuo Yi, am I not her Prince Charming?

The moment Huang Yize asked him this, Zuo Yi almost collapsed from shock. Huang Yize was amenable yet strikingly cold at the same time. He felt that his Young Master was being too abnormal today. It was really testing the limits to what his heart could take!

Seeing that Zuo Yi did not respond, Huang Yize raised his eyebrows and looked a little annoyed.

Zuo Yi coughed before saying, Young Master has the aura of an emperor. A prince cannot compare to you. He felt that this reply was pretty good.

Zuo Yi, you think I dont fit the label of a Prince Charming. Which aspect of me doesnt?

Zuo Yi never knew that Young Master could be so humble as to ask him about this. He looked really keen to learn. Have some pity on him! He really wanted to say, Young Master, you dont fit the feel of a Prince Charming at all!

However, as the subordinate, Zuo Yi still felt a huge pressure upon him, so he could only brace himself and say, Erm, Young Master, that

A light suddenly flashed across Zuo Yis eyes as he said, Young Master, Prince Charmings ride on horses while you drive luxury cars.

Huang Yize rubbed his brow. Seeing how uncomfortable Zuo Yi looked, he stopped asking him.

Seeing that Young Master seemed to be troubled, Zuo Yi hesitated before saying, Young Master, actually youre a really good person. So many girls like you. It shows that youre the best, Young Master.

Huang Yize said in a low voice, Everyone else is not important. The key lies in her!

Zuo Yi knew that the her Young Master was referring to was Yun Bilu.

Young Master, Miss Yun Bilu likes you too. Why else would she be so persistent in chasing you for so long? Furthermore, she trusts you so much. I guess that she trained so hard in martial arts because of you, so youre the one who matters the most in her heart.


Young Master, you should bandage your hand. Its my fault, I made you hurt yourself.

Huang Yize felt a little better, so he let Zuo Yi treat the wound on his hand.

He took out his phone and stared at the picture on it. It was a picture of him and Yun Bilu. Yun Bilu was even the one who insisted on taking this picture.

The photo was taken under a cherry blossom tree. She was smiling radiantly while his smile was a little stiff. However, it was evident that his gaze was filled with indulgence.