Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1119

Chapter 1119 Cant Let Go Of Her

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He printed this picture out in a really size and put it in his pocket. He brought it along with him whenever he went on missions. No matter how dangerous the situation was, he would press on and bear with it because she was still waiting for him.

In the past, he did things only out of responsibility. Now, he had someone he held dear in his heart.

Her smile was what he wanted to protect.

When that photo got almost discovered by the enemy, he destroyed it right awayhe did not want his enemies to target Bilu instead.

Huang Yize lightly touched the picture on his phone and sighed. Bilu, you are mine. His tone was gentle, yet it had a hint of dominance to it that did not allow any room for rejection.

Ever since she entered his view and heart, he had been unable to let go of her.

After a while, Huang Yize sent out his orders. Let someone keep watch on Qianye Ziyu. Report to me any action and weird behavior from him.

Is Young Master worried that he will harm Miss Yun Bilu?

Huang Yize nodded. Yeah. Although hes from the Qianye family, his mother is the daughter of Old Master Zuoqiu. Zuoqiu Zimei is his cousin too. He could very likely do something for the Zuoqiu family.

Zuo Yi nodded. I understand. I will send the orders down now and instruct someone to watch him closely.

As his subordinate, he did not want anything to happen to the future Young Madam as well. If anything happened to Miss Yun Bilu, Young Master would definitely lose it.

Zuo Yi went off to relay his orders after receiving them.

Huang Yize stared out into the sky. He could not help but think, Whats Yun Bilu doing now?

In the capital of Country A

After the rain, the air slowly became colder. It was already late autumn. Yun Bixue could feel the chill in the air even though she stayed at home.

Although Yun Bixues fever had subsided, her whole body remained in a weak state.

Xie Limo was very worried about her.

Furthermore, during those two days when she was not feeling well, Xie Limo did not have a good nights sleep either.

Yun Bixue was not too worried about herself actually. It could be because the weather is turning cold all of a sudden, thats why my body is being like this. Dont worry, just focus on your work.

In fact, Yun Bixue suspected that she was not used to living in the capital. Despite this, she would force herself to get used to it because she did not want to leave Xie Limos side.

As Yun Bixues physical condition did not improve, Xie Limo did not let her leave the house. He instructed Ah Qiu and Ah Mei to stay by her side and take care of her during the day.

At night, he would personally take care of her.

Although Yun Bixue did not go to the company, Yun Mengshi continued to report there daily. She wanted to prove herself and make Li Xu see her more often.

However, she was just torturing herself every day. Li Xu and his manager, Lin Xiaolei, were being all lovey-dovey every day in front of her, inciting her anger all the time.

Lin Xiaolei gave her all in showing her affection to Li Xu to provoke and annoy Yun Mengshi. She was doing this to repay her debt of gratitude to Boss Yun.

Li Xu, the weather is cold today, but I didnt put on a lot of clothes.

Li Xu placed his coat over her shoulders and said, You can wear mine. Dont catch a cold.

What about you?

Im fine. As long as youre fine, Ill be assured.

Lin Xiaolei deliberately acted coy as she said, But I still feel like eating your dumplings and beef noodles.

Li Xu replied in a genial manner, Okay. If you want to eat them, I can cook them for you tonight.

Lin Xiaolei was usually loud and easygoing. She would definitely not talk to him in such a gentle tone. Hence, Li Xu enjoyed moments like these and desperately hoped that Lin Xiaolei would be more coy around him.

Seeing how Yun Mengshi was so angry that her eyeballs were about to pop out of her sockets, she smirked in her heart. She continued to act coy and said, So Ill have to eat both dumplings and beef noodles? Wont I become fat then?