Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1120

Chapter 1120 Really Not Acquainted

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Li Xu continued to reply with a good temper. Its fine. You look good even if youre fat.

Li Guile added a few comments whenever it was appropriate. Aiya, love is blind. Beauty is, indeed, in the eye of the beholder. Xiaolei, you have good judgment. A hot and cold man like this is hard to find. He can cook whatever you want to eat and accompanies you in whatever you do.

Li Guile deliberately said it loudly for Lin Xi, formerly known as Yun Mengshi, to hear. Provoking Lin Xi served as a form of daily entertainment for them.

Yun Mengshi got so angry that her body started to ache all over, especially her head, which was whirring in pain. She stared so intensely at them that her eyeballs almost rolled out of her sockets.

What right did others have to get what she discarded?

In the past, Li Xu was the one preparing meals for her. He would cook whatever she wanted to eat. How could he prepare meals for someone else now?

Yun Mengshi felt that she was about to faint from anger. She had been here for a few days now, but Li Xu had never looked her in the eye at all.

She tolerated it and bore with it as much as she could. Even when she bit her lip until it almost bled, she still endured it.

During lunch today, she did not hold herself back at all and did not wait for Li Xu to find her. She seized the chance to block Li Xus path.

She stared at Li Xu and said in a gentle and sad tone, Li Xu, do you really not remember me? Her looks had not fadedonly her name had been changed. Why did he not recognize her?

Li Xu scoffed in his heart, though he appeared calm. Miss Lin Xi, what do you mean by this? I was born in a humble family. Its impossible for me to know someone like you back then. Although Im a first-class celebrity now and financially capable, I really dont know you.

Yun Mengshi felt so tortured by Li Xu showing his affection to someone else these past few days, so she was not thinking clearly now. She even forgot about the mission that her backer gave her. She only cared about her own feelings now and simply wanted to make herself feel better.

Li Xu, I am Yun Mengshi, I am Yun Mengshi!

Li Xu shook his head and said, Im really sorry, I dont remember this name. However, I did hear of this name back in Ning An City. I heard that this person had been thrown out after she tried to climb onto Young Master Qins bed

Yun Mengshis face turned pale as she staggered backwards. No, those are lies Her past was nakedly thrown out before her now.

She could not accept it at once and did not want to hear it at all. No, she was a famous celebrity. She could not afford to have her reputation tainted.

Li Xu, you love me, dont you? It was my fault in the past. Youre a first-class actor now, so you dont have to put yourself down like this. Nothing can stop us from being together now.

Li Xu felt really scornful in his heart when he saw Yun Mengshi acting like this. He could not understand how he fell in love with this woman. He must have really been blinded by her looks.

Miss Lin Xi, we are really not acquainted.

As soon as he said that, he did not bother talking to Yun Mengshi anymore. He turned and took the elevator down, leaving Yun Mengshi fuming on the spot.

That afternoon, she decided to vent her anger on Lin Xiaolei. When Lin Xiaolei went to get some files, Yun Mengshi deliberately stuck her foot out to trip Lin Xiaolei.

Lin Xiaolei avoided her smartly, which made Yun Mengshi even angrier. She borrowed a cup of coffee and walked over to Lin Xiaolei before purposely spilling it on her accidentally.

Lin Xi, what are you doing? Before Lin Xiaolei could say anything, Li Xu ran over in a hurry and stared at Lin Xiaolei in heartache as he raged at Yun Mengshi.

What did I do? She purposely knocked into me when she was walking. I even spilled my coffee. Didnt you see that? Yun Mengshi deliberately put on a pitiful expression as she tried to make Li Xu pity her.