Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1121

Chapter 1121 Just Playing With Her

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This time, many employees gathered around them to watch. Everyone sided with Lin Xiaolei deep down. Although Lin Xi was a famous celebrity, she had always put on airs. Even Boss Yun did not take her seriously.

Hence, everyone started voicing their support for Lin Xiaolei.

Xiaolei had always been careful when she walked. If someone did not bump into her purposely, the coffee probably wouldnt have spilled!

Yeah, pretty people always get bullied. Its normal. These words were actually mocking Lin Xi, insinuating that she was not as pretty as Lin Xiaolei.

This coffee is scalding hot. It must be really painful.

While everyone else chattered and whispered, Li Xu carried Lin Xiaolei to the companys clinic on the fifth floor for the doctor to check and see if she suffered any burns. He did not even bother to give Yun Mengshi a glance.

Lin Xiaolei said, Li Xu, have you become dumb? Im fine. If you carry me like this, everyone will know what our relationship is.

Some people already know anyway. I dont care if more people do.

Im just kidding. Boss Yun said before that its okay for us to display our love publicly, and she will back us up. However, I will settle this incident myself. Put me down first. Lets not go to the clinic anymore, alright? Anyway, I want to change my clothes.

Later, although it seemed peaceful, something was stirring beneath the surface. When Yun Mengshi went to the washroom in the afternoon, Lin Xiaolei followed her and immediately threw the cup of coffee in her hand at her.

Ahh! Who? Lin Xiaolei, its you! You did this on purpose!

Lin Xiaolei scoffed and said, If you did it on purpose, I did it on purpose too.

How dare you! Im going to make sure you get fired.

Who saw it? Who saw that I threw the coffee at you? If I were to say that you were the one who threw it on yourself and maligned other people on purpose, would they believe you?

Yun Mengshi screamed and went mad with rage. In the next instant, she lunged at Lin Xiaolei to pull her hair.

Lin Xiaolei started screaming and wailing loudly. When everyone else was about to rush into the washroom, she purposely tore her clothes and collapsed on the floor.

Hence, when everyone came in, they saw the big star Lin Xi acting like a shrew as she pulled Lin Xiaoleis hair. Lin Xiaoleis clothes were all torn, making her look really pitiful.

Looks of reproach, dissatisfaction, and even disdain were all evident on everyones faces. At that moment, Yun Mengshis reputation in the company simply went down the drain.

Not only did she did not manage to punish Lin Xiaolei, but she also made a fool of herself.

The HR manager was very unhappy with her and talked to her about the terms of the contract again. Lin Xi, at this rate, youre going to violate the terms of the contract. This will not look good on yourself and the company. There are bad rumors about you flying around right now.

No matter how much Yun Mengshi tried to explain or deny, the HR manager was not moved. She then arranged a manager and a bodyguard with the fiercest temper for her.

Although Yun Bixue did not go to the company, she held a video meeting at home and learned how Yun Mengshis arrogant and fiery attitude had been subdued. She praised Lin Xiaolei and Li Xu happily and even planned to increase the pay of the HR manager.

When Yun Bixue finally went to the company, Yun Mengshi still wanted to find her to complain. However, Yun Bixue said to her, Yun Mengshi, how many times have I told you? Youre a celebrity now, so how can you pick on other people? You didnt know this, but I wanted to give you the female lead role at first. However, I cant do that now. The employees will be upset, so you can only act as the second female lead.

Yun Mengshi slammed her palm on the table and glared at her. Yun Bixue, youre playing with me, arent you?

Yun Mengshi, you can see for yourself how I treat you. Ive been sick recently, so I didnt come to the company, and this is what youve been doing? I even prepared a script for you. Youre the one who caused this mess, so you can only take the second female lead.