Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1124

Chapter 1124 Strange

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Majesty Kang replied coldly, I looked for him before, but Mr. Xie did not give me a reply. I think, if Madam Xie is willing to persuade him, he would surely be willing to collaborate with me.

Your Majesty, I really dont have the final say in his matters.

Madam Xie is being too humble. Everyone knows that Xie Limo cares about you the most. He would try his best to push away all sorts of gatherings or banquets. He comes and knocks off work punctually and even strictly prohibits any female from getting close to him. He would rush home every afternoon as well. Doesnt this say something? Madam Xie, you hold the most important position in Xie Limos heart, above all else.

Yun Bixues heart trembled as she listened to his words. She realized that even other people felt that she occupied a significant place in his heart.

She felt bittersweet about this. He had always done so much for her quietly. She could not become his stumbling block now.

Majesty Kang, before my husband, Mr. Xie, met me, he did allow women to get close to him too. Being punctual for work and knocking off on time shows that he has a strong sense of time. Coming back for lunch doesnt mean much either. He did not like drinking and attending such social events in the first place, which is also why he would come home earlier. Besides, most married men with a sense of responsibility would surely prioritize their families. I believe that if Your Majesty has a wife, you would definitely prioritize your family too.

When he heard the word wife, Xiajun Yanchuns expression changed immediately. It became dark and dangerous, and there was even a murderous glint in his eyes.

The two bodyguards standing beside him also stiffened in shock and fear. This Madam Xies words had obviously triggered the wound in His Majestys heart.

Yun Bixue could feel the obvious change in the atmosphere. Did she say something wrong? Or was it because she did not do as Majesty Kang told her to?

Yun Bixue sat upright and tried her best to look proper and serious. She did not continue saying anything.

After a while, Xiajun Yanchun suddenly stood up and said in a cold voice, Send the guest out.


When Yun Bixue had been sent all the way to her company, she still felt a little light-headed. What exactly happened just now? This Majesty Kang was really strange.

She could not even react in time and had already been sent back. Although she really wanted to come back, she thought that it was really strange.

Does this Majesty Kang have some psychological issues?

After thinking over it several times, Yun Bixue still could not figure out which part of her words had offended that effeminate Majesty Kang.

At least he did not do anything to her.

Yun Bixue stood on the spot for a good while before she smoothed her clothes and hair. She only walked into the company after making sure that she looked alright.

When she reached the front desk counter, the lady there immediately went up to her and said, Boss Yun, a man had just come to look for you. Wait for a moment.

A man? Did he say who he is?

Its the one who came to see you and left with you previously. I thought that you must be on good terms with him, so I asked him to wait for you in the waiting room.

When Yun Bixue heard that, she knew it was Xie Limo. She muttered to herself, Why did he come?

It seems like Boss Yun forgot some stuff. This mister called the front desk to ask if you had arrived, and I told him you havent, so he said he will deliver it to you personally. As for the thing youve forgotten, I am not too sure either.

Yun Bixue nodded and said, Okay, I got it. She immediately hurried off to the waiting room, almost breaking into a sprint to reach there. She thought that Xie Limo must have been worried that something had happened to her since he skipped work to come and find her.

However, when she reached the waiting room, she could hear a coquettish voice coming from inside it.

Young Master Xie, this is our companys finest tea. Please try it.

Yun Bixue could tell that it was Yun Mengshis voice at once. She immediately went into the waiting room and saw Yun Mengshi leaning over the table, dressed in skimpy clothing and deliberately revealing her cleavage.