Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1126

Chapter 1126 Here To Give A Morning Kiss

Chapter 1126: Here to Give a Morning Kiss
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Xie Limo pulled Yun Bixues hand towards a long bench and sat down. He explained slowly, Majesty Kang wants me to support him, but he has never obtained any answers from me. Naturally, hell look for you, thats why I got worried.

Even though Xie Limo knew that Majesty Kang wouldnt do anything to her, he was still worried.

Yun Bixue nodded. Im fine. He didnt do anything to me. He just wanted me to convince you to help but, but I didnt agree. I can tell that his personality is odd, and hes rather eccentric. You should watch out for him and stay safe. Itll be best to play safe. Agree to help him, but dont actually do so.

After speaking, Yun Bixue sighed again. I think youre not someone who will put himself at a disadvantage. Those empty words dont suit you at all.

Xie Limo frowned. Hmm? What do you think I will do?

Yun Bixue answered seriously, My husband is righteous and wouldnt pull such petty tricks.

Xie Limos expression softened, and he caressed Yun Bixues head. In the future, avoid those from the imperial family. Ill feel assured if youre safe.

As he spoke, Xie Limo stood up gracefully, preparing to return to work.

Yun Bixue was stunned. Are you leaving just like that?

Yes. After ensuring that youre fine, I feel relieved already.

Yun Bixue reached out her hand, expecting something to be given to her.

Xie Limo raised his brows. He could not understand what she was trying to do.

Yun Bixue said, Didnt you say that I forgot to bring something? You came to give it to me.

Xie Limo had a sudden realization. A mesmerizing glint flashed across his eyes as he held Yun Bixues hand, placing it on his chest. Lowering his head, he kissed her gently on her lips before saying, My dear, you forgot your morning kiss, so I came to give it to you.

Yun Bixue was startled, and her face flushed red. She finally understood now. Her husband had specially come here to do that and had also been worried about her.

Seeing that Xie Limo was leaving, Yun Bixue pulled him back again and asked, Majesty Kang is so weird. Do you think he went through a huge blow recently?

Why would you say so?

Yun Bixue repeated every word that Majesty Kang had said to Xie Limo.

Xie Limos expressions changed, and his gaze turned dark. He answered, He has a long-lasting clash with Majesty Huang. Try to avoid them in the future. If you cant, dont mention his wife in front of him. You also shouldnt talk about relationships too.

Yun Bixue didnt understand why, so she asked, Why not? Has he been hurt by his wife or his past relationships?

Its not what you think it is. Its a long story, but just listen to me for now.

Yun Bixue looked at how Xie Limo refused to explain further and pursed her lips.

Xie Limo comforted, Theres no benefit in telling you all these. Its better to know as little as possible about the imperial family in the capital.

Yes, I know.

Okay. Be good and dont wander around. Go home earlier for lunch, and Ill cook for you.

Yun Bixue pulled Xie Limos hand again and walked nearer to him. She whispered, Limo, you should just have lunch in your office.

Xie Limo chuckled. Are you afraid that the others will mock me for taking care of my wife? Or are you worried that others will laugh at you?

No, I dont care about what the others say. Besides, most of the people here in the capital dont know me. Im just concerned about disrupting your work.

Xie Limo held Yun Bixues hand and consoled her. Youre letting your imagination run wild again. Be good and go to work!

He was about to leave but turned to her and said, Oh, by the way, you might think that Lin Xi is stupid, but stupid people like her have their means of survival too. Otherwise, she wouldnt be able to start afresh and stand in front of us like that.