Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1127

Chapter 1127 Young Master Xie Leaves The Capital

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Yun Bixue knew that everything that Xie Limo told her was for her own benefit.

Furthermore, Xie Limo was right. A stupid person like her must have pulled some tricks in order to get over her lows and become the renowned celebrity that she was now. Yun Bixue couldnt afford to let down her guard.

She said seriously, Ive assigned a manager and a bodyguard to Yun Mengshi to watch her every move.

You should know that although the manager and guard have been hired by you, they can turn against you and side with Yun Mengshi at any time.

As Yun Bixue listened, her extremities turned cold. Why hadnt she thought of that? Limo, if you hadnt reminded me, I wouldnt have thought of it.

You dont have much experience, nor met with something like that before. Therefore, you have to think more and look ahead. Be more cautious. Ill help you place an order for the financial newspapers, and you can read it when you arrive at your office to keep up with the times.


After Xie Limo left, Yun Bixue sat in her office as she reflected on herself. She tried to identify her weak points and things that she needed to improve on.

In the company, she hadnt found anything out of the ordinary regarding Yun Mengshi, but she still hired a private investigator to keep track of her.

The days in the capital went by slowly. The weather gradually turned colder, and Yun Bixue realized that she didnt have many warm clothes at home.

Over the weekend, she called Lin Xiaolei, accompanied by Ah Qiu and Ah Mei, to the mall to shop together.

It had been a long time since Yun Bixue went shopping. This time, the two of them strolled along excitedly.

At the start, the two of them had planned to simply buy clothes, but they ended up chatting and trying more clothes. They bought the outfits they liked and were so happy as they paid for them.

Unknowingly, the whole afternoon passed.

When Yun Bixue and Lin Xiaolei were done and prepared to leave the mall, they noticed a crowd had gathered at the exit.

Ahh! Its snowing! Wonderful!

Its snowing! How lovely. This years snow had come much earlier.

The weather is so cold. Its raining and snowing at the same time. We should leave soon.

Judging from this weather, itll get even colder. This snow will only get heavier.

The sky is turning dark now. It wont be easy to walk home too.

As the two of them walked towards the exit, they overheard the discussions. Peering out of the glass windows, they saw that the skies were darkening. However, the lights illuminated the streets, making them realize that it was snowing.

Lin Xiaolei was elated and hurriedly took out her phone to take photos.

Yun Bixues gaze was filled with gentleness. She still remembered what happened when it snowed previously. Xie Limo had been by her side.

No matter how heavy the snow was, he would still drive and pick her up.

Yun Bixue was lost in her memories, and her heart felt sweet. After she snapped out of her daze, she pulled Lin Xiaoleis hand and said, Stop taking pictures. Lets buy some down jackets. Its snowing already, so we should prepare some clothes for winter.

Boss Yun, youre right. Lets go and buy more!

After a while, as Yun Bixue was selecting down jackets for men, her phone rangit was Xie Limo.

Hello, Limo?

Are you still shopping?

Yes, its snowing outside now. Im actually choosing a down jacket for you. What color do you like?

Bixue, what Im going to say next is urgent, and you have to remember it. I have something to deal with at work and have to go to Gui County. I wont be able to return anytime soon. You have to take care of yourself. Dont panic and stay calm at all times. Even if you were to read the news, you have to be rational. Wait for me to return.

Hearing Xie Limos solemn tone and heavy instructions, Yun Bixue knew that something was going to happen. She asked anxiously, Limo, what happened? Will you be in danger? Can I go with you?