Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1130

Chapter 1130 Mother In Laws Words

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Ji Qiongxin liked Yun Bixue too. Having not met her in a long time, she missed her daughter-in-law as well. Not one to beat around the bush, she said in a straightforward manner, Bixue, I miss you too, but I try to not disrupt your married life. After all, when you return to the headquarters in the future, well see each other every day.

Yes, Mom, I know. You and Father take care of yourselves. Limo and I will be fine.

Yes. Actually, my only wish is for you and Limo to be well. I dont ask for more. If you need anything, let me know. If Limo bullies you, tell me too. Ill punish him for you. Limo has always been quiet and reserved since he was a child, and he doesnt speak much.

Yun Bixue listened to her mother-in-laws words and felt very warm. She could always feel motherly love from Ji Qiongxin. Mom, he treats me very well and has never bullied me.

Hearing Yun Bixue defending Limo, Ji Qiongxin chuckled heartily. Seeing how loving the two of you are, I can rest assured. Youre always kind-hearted and thinking for him.

Seeing how Ji Qiongxin was going to continue chattering, Xie Yaocang reminded her, Dont forget what you called her for.

Ah! Ji Qiongxin seemed to have finally recalled something.

Mom, what happened?

Ji Qiongxin finally said seriously, Its nothing much. I remembered why I called you. Bixue, Limo had asked me to call you. He said that hell be out of the capital for a while and was afraid that the reception there will be bad. Since he cant contact you, he asked me to call you frequently. He still cant feel assured about you and repeatedly reminded me.

Hearing Ji Qiongxins words, Yun Bixue imagined how troubled Xie Limo must be, and her heart grew bitter yet sweet. Mom, Ill take good care of myself.

Has he not called you yet?

Yun Bixues heart felt bitter, as though she found a way to vent all her emotions. She could talk to her mother-in-law about Xie Limo and didnt have to keep it to herself anymore. No, he hasnt. I called him, but his phone was switched off.

Bixue, dont worry. He really went there for work, not to fight a war or battle his enemies. Hes not in danger. If his phone is switched off, it means that the reception is poor there.

Mom, dont you feel worried about him? I keep feeling anxious.

Ji Qiongxin was taken aback. She thought about it and realized that she never had to worry about him before. Growing up in the Xie family, he had to train hard as a child in order to lead a better life. Since Xie Limo was a child, she had felt very nervous and worried for him, but in the end, she grew to stay calm and collected. They had been through a lot.

Ji Qiongxin answered sincerely, Bixue, you have to trust him. Moreover, he misses you too and will definitely remain safe. Also, he has been on even more dangerous missions before. To become the familys heir, he had experienced a lot of risky events and settled many situations, only to return safely. Therefore, you have to trust him and feel confident about him, okay?

With Ji Qiongxin consoling her, Yun Bixue felt much better.

She thought that emotions were so odd sometimes. After speaking to someone and getting comforted, she felt so much lighter.

Yun Bixue suddenly thought that Ji Qiongxin must have had a hard time. As a woman and a mother, she had been so strong all along. It was really admirable, and Yun Bixue nodded before replying, Yes, Mom. I trust him. Dont worry about me too.