Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1133

Chapter 1133 Love

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Nothing happened here in the capital. However, something cropped up in Gui County. I believe that the citizens might need donations, so Im asking you to prepare them beforehand. This is just the first sum of money. I might ask you to transfer another portion over in the future.

Yang Mei couldnt understand why, but since it was Young Madams orders, she had no choice but to comply. Yes, Miss Yun.

Yun Bixue then relayed other instructions and finally ended the call.

Yun Bixue then called Li Mei and informed her that she was not going to the office that day. Her mind was in a mess, so she was in no mood to work at all.

She searched about the news on Gui County online and discovered that a lot of netizens were discussing the situation in Gui County on blogs, social media, and news sites.

She saw photos of the thick snow covering the ground, frozen and broken cables, and a reporter who suffered from frostbite. Everything told her clearly that the weather in Gui County was terrible.

How could the people involved in the train accident be rescued under such weather conditions?

Yun Bixue placed her laptop on the sofa. She watched the news while scrolling through websites. She didnt even blink at all, gravely afraid that she would miss any piece of news.

She also searched for the countys leader in the photos, trying to locate her husband as well. However, she didnt find any trace of him even as she scrolled through the news.

At noon, the news began to call for the citizens for donations.

Yun Bixue immediately made a call, prompting Yang Mei to wire the money and send over the collected items to the capital.

It was snowing in the capital too. The snow blanketed the ground, making it entirely white.

Yun Bixue didnt have time to admire the scenery at all. Her mind was fixated on the situation in Gui County, and most importantly, she was worried sick about her husband.

At the same time, she sincerely wanted to help the citizens there too.

When the items Yang Mei delivered arrived, Yun Bixue sent them to the National Charity Congress, the station for emergency rescue missions.

This time, Yun Bixue had made the donation in the name of Snow Cloud Group.

When the employees of the National Charity Congress saw those items, they were stunned. They stared at Yun Bixue, who was dressed simply, in disbelief.

Miss Yun, are these really your donations? Yun Bixue had signed on the documents earlier, so they knew what her surname was.

Yun Bixue was aware that her items were plentiful and of good quality, so she wasnt surprised about the staffs reaction. She nodded seriously and said, The citizens of Gui County are suffering now. As their fellow citizen, I should help too. We belong to the same big family and should lend a helping hand out. Moreover, my husband is at the venue and offering assistance personally. I want to offer my help too, no matter how small it is. I want to stand by his side. Ive gathered everything that I can think of here. If you need anything else, Ill continue to gather them.

A man in front of her grabbed Yun Bixues hands suddenly and said, Miss Yun, youre really a nice person. The country and citizens will definitely be grateful to you.

He held Yun Bixues hands tightly and shook them vigorously, refusing to let go.

Yun Bixue knew that he might be feeling too overwhelmed and relieved, but being held on so tightly like this, her hands were beginning to ache.

She smiled and answered, As long as I can help the citizens of Gui County. As she spoke, she tried to remove her hands with great force.

Just as she was feeling helpless, a handsome man stepped out. He walked in between Yun Bixue and the staff and slapped the latters hands away. Dont forget that youre working. You shouldnt behave like that no matter how you feel.

Yes, Chairman. Ill go back to work now. He rubbed his head. He couldnt help but feel excited and relieved over these items as well as the thirty million dollars fund.