Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1134

Chapter 1134 Hes Actually The Chairman

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On the other hand, Yun Bixue stared in shock at the intoxicating man in front of her. Pointing at him, her mouth gaped, at a loss of what to say.

It was simply too shocking. What was he doing here? Did the staff address him as chairman earlier? Was the chairman of the National Charity Congress?

Wang Qianjin looked at how startled Yun Bixue was and thought that she was adorable.

A dark glint flashed across his eyes, revealing his interest in toying with her. He said, Yun Bixue, we meet again! You still recognize me, dont you? This is my staff tag. I dont have to introduce myself to you again, right?

As he spoke, Wang Qianjin pointed to the tag hanging on his neck. He spoke leisurely and even lazily, as though elated to see Yun Bixues response.

Yun Bixue felt her breath hitch.

She watched blankly as those items were freshly reassembled. She suddenly regretted bringing her donations here personally. But then, she wouldnt feel assured if she hadnt sent them here herself.

Who knew what Wang Qianjin was thinking?

As Yun Bixue watched, her heart ached.

Wang Qianjin stepped closer to Yun Bixue and asked, Yun Bixue, Im standing right in front of you. Am I not as charming as those items? If you want me to, I can give you ten times of those!

Yun Bixue took in a deep breath and raised her head high. She looked at Wang Qianjin intently and asked, What do you want? You belong to the South. What are you doing here in the capital?

Wang Qianjin shook his head and batted his eyelids. His eyes twinkled with an intoxicating glint as he smiled. Your husband can come to the capital too, so why cant I?

Youre making an unrealistic comparison.

Wang Qianjin spoke lazily yet bewitchingly. Its not unrealistic at all. This time, the country called for me, so I came. Im truly the chairman, and Im going to deliver your items to the South too.

Yun Bixue still felt that Wang Qianjin harbored ill intentions. Why are you being so kindhearted?

Yun Bixue, dont despise me so much. You have to learn to trust me. If you really think that Im evil, I can show you how evil I can be. As he spoke, Wang Qianjin narrowed his eyes, and they glinted dangerously.

Yun Bixue took a step forward to maintain a distance between Wang Qianjin and herself. Wang Qianjin, dont try to pull any tricks. I wouldnt let you off.

She glanced at the tag and then at the building, and finally at the delivery truck. They all contained the logo of the National Charity Congress. This was the department that the government had chosen to take on the responsibility of helping Gui County.

Although she didnt understand how Wang Qianjin had managed to do it, she didnt have concrete evidence to doubt him.

Wang Qianjin looked at Yun Bixues puffed-up cheeks. Lowering his head, he leaned close to her ear and said, Yun Bixue, you may sound very righteous, but I know that youre only donating because of him. Since youre donating in the name of Snow Cloud Group, it proves that youre the real boss of that company.

Yun Bixue stumbled backwards in shock, her heart racing. She realized that Wang Qianjin was too dangerous. Wang Qianjin, you

Seeing how stunned Yun Bixue looked, Wang Qianjin chuckled loudly. Youre so interesting, and you always make me so happy. I really want to snatch you away from him. If he were to disappear, you would probably come to me.

Yun Bixues eyes widened in shock, staring at Wang Qianjin in disbelief. She yelled in rage, You lunatic! If you dare to hurt him, Ill never let you off. Even if I have to die, I still wont choose you!