Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1137

Chapter 1137 What Is Love?

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Yun Bixue felt that her encounters with Wang Qianjin were all very weird. They were clearly at each others throats and were clearly like enemies, but for some strange reason, they would end up talking to each other peacefully.

Such an interaction made her feel uneasy all over, yet she could not pinpoint exactly what about it made her feel uneasy.

All In all, she felt that at least Wang Qianjin was not a man of low character. He did not actually harm her.

She turned to Ah Qiu and Ah Mei and asked, Those two people behind Wang Qianjin must have been the men of sacrifice from the Wang clan. Did both of you find out anything after crossing arms with them?

Young Madam, their moves are very strange and gave a feeling that they were using unorthodox practices. Also, they were very skilled. Both of us were clearly not their match.

Ah Qiu and Ah Mei felt a little ashamed. This was the difference in strength between men and women.

Its fine. Both of you tried your best. When we get back, you two should research more on this. It would be best if you could come up with a document. I believe that the Xie and Wang clan will have a face-off one day, so that information will be of some use then.


Ah Qiu and Ah Mei admired Young Madam a lot. They felt that Young Madam had an exceptionally calm aura. She would think about the Xie clan in all the things that she did and plan ahead.

After Yun Bixue left, Wang Qianjin knitted his seductive brows and asked Ren Ting, a colleague who was beside him, Do you know what is love?

These words scared the hell out of that man. Seeing the serious look in the Chairmans eyes, he shuddered and covered his chest with his hands as he said, Chairman, I I I like women.

Wang Qianjins expression immediately broke down as he said, Im not interested in you.

Only then did Ren Ting heave a sigh of relief. Chairman, love is actually a matter of mutual regard and affection. You would feel happy if the other person is happy and sad if the other person is sad. Also, love is very broad.

Wang Qianjin scoffed and said, Isnt love just about obtaining the other person?

Ren Ting shuddered. He felt that the Chairmans brain was wired differently from normal people. Chairman, take me and my girlfriend from university, for example. We didnt end up together for various reasons, but I still like her even if shes already married. I just feel that if shes happy, Ill be happy for her too.

Really? Is that how it is?

Yeah, thats how it is.

The national news tonight reported the latest situation in Gui County. There were ten lucky survivors from the train accident, and the donations were starting to be flown over there.

Next up is the situation regarding the donations. The representative of the National Charity Congress claims that much credit goes to the Snow Cloud Group for helping them amass so many resources within such a short time. The Snow Cloud Group alone donated thirty million worth of cash and thousands worth of clothes, food, medication, etc. The Snow Cloud Group is the role model of all enterprises in the country by sending their love and care to the citizens in Gui County Let us express our thanks once again. We believe that if everyone can show us a bit of love, the citizens in Gui County will definitely be able to receive more warmth

When Yun Bixue saw this part of the news, she blinked. After that, she blinked several more times. It was definitely real.

She felt really weird deep down. Why would Wang Qianjin be so nice to increase the presence of her Snow Cloud Group on the news?

After that, it could be said that the Snow Cloud Group became famous overnight.

The following day, Yang Mei called her excitedly and said, Miss Yun, the sales volume of all the products under our group yesterday almost exceeded that of the previous months.