Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1138

Chapter 1138 A Good Reaction

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Hearing Yang Mei speak so excitedly, Yun Bixue almost thought that she heard it wrongly. She coughed a couple of times before saying, Yang Mei, are you sure?

Miss Yun, its true. Everyone is so busy now. After the news aired two days ago, other cities felt that our Snow Cloud Group is a compassionate enterprise that was the first to donate to the Gui County. They feel that we must be a good company given our kindness and charitable practices, so the products that we make are definitely safe. The sales for yesterday grew by leaps and bounds. I only slept for two hours last night. Shops in various places are all calling in to say that they are running out of stock of our products, so they want to place bigger orders

Hearing the excitement in Yang Meis voice, Yun Bixues heart started to beat rapidly too. This was totally out of her imagination.

She did not expect to receive such a good reaction from doing an act of kindness. She suddenly felt very moved as tears welled up in her eyes.

Wow, how great was my Country A? Everyone was so cuteso cute that it made her heart melt.

Miss Yun? Miss Yun? Yang Mei did not hear Yun Bixues voice for a long time, so she kept on calling for her on the other end of the phone.

Yun Bixue felt especially moved. She almost could not find her voice. Yeah, Yang Mei, Im still here.

Miss Yun, even if our employees work overtime all night, we still would not be able to complete so many orders.

Yun Bixue thought deeply for a while before telling her, Yang Mei, this is the time to mobilize our talent team. Didnt we prepare a stockpile of our products before? Mobilize these people and continue to recruit talents and expand our business. Seize this opportunity to open branches of the Snow Cloud Group in various cities. Accept as many orders as we can. Double the overtime pay of the employees who are working overtime. Double the year-end bonus too We must ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Yang Mei could feel a surge of excitement all over her body as she listened to Miss Yuns words. She was full of drive and motivation to do work.

Yes, Miss Yun!

Ill leave everything to you. Itll be hard on you during this period. Contact me if anything happens again.

I understand.

After ending the call, Yun Bixue was really excited. She did not expect such an effect at all. It was even more effective than putting up ads.

Yun Bixue held her cup in her hand as she smiled, her eyes curving into crescents as she did. This was her first time being so happy after Xie Limo went to Gui County.

In her mind, she was thinking about the future developments of the Snow Cloud Group. She wanted to become even stronger. Just like this time, while Xie Limo was in Gui County, she could use her resources to send help. At least she was working hard together with him. This made her feel that she was still of some help to her husband, Mr. Xie.

Yun Bixues mental state became better. Aside from watching the news regarding the situation in Gui County, she busied herself with the operations of the media company and immersed herself in work. Being busy at work prevented her thoughts from running wild.

At night, Yun Bixue would lie on the bed and watch the snow drifting outside. It would be a lie to say she did not miss Xie Limo.

No matter how cold it was last time, he would always be hugging her in bed. In the morning, she could laze in bed, and he would always indulge in her and make breakfast for her.

With him around, she felt that even if the sky collapsed, he would still be there to hold it up for her. However, he was not around now, and it made her feel very lonely.

Although Ji Qiongxin would call her every day to chat with her, no one would be able to replace Xie Limo.

Just as she stared at the snow drifting outside and sank into deep thought, her phone rang. Yun Bixue was no longer as expectant as she was initially.

She slowly reached for her phone and glanced at it. When she saw that it was an unknown number, she sighed and answered the call, saying, Hello, may I know who this is?