Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1139

Chapter 1139 Finally Heard His Voice

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Xue, its me.

The moment she heard this voice, Yun Bixue almost cried. She covered her mouth immediately and could not believe her ears. It was really him. She could hear his voice now.

She pressed her phone firmly against her ear, afraid that she had misheardafraid that she was imagining things.

Xie Limo did not hear Yun Bixues reply and continued to talk in a gentle voice. Xue, are you angry?

Yun Bixue shook her head profusely, but she knew that he could not see her shaking her head. She had always looked forward to hearing his voice.

However, she was too agitated now. Once she spoke, she would easily cry.

She pinched her leg with her hand and tried her best to keep her emotions in check. She knew that this was not a dream.

Yun Bixue sucked in her breath and said, Hubby, Im not angry. Its just that when I heard your voice I was very agitated. Yun Bixue sat on the bed, leaning against the headrest with her knees propped up. She rested her head on her knees, holding her phone in one hand while hugging her knees with the other. She looked really vulnerable.

Xie Limo coughed several times before saying, Im doing fine, but the situation here doesnt look too good. I lost my phone, so Im only calling you now. Dont be angry and upset, alright? Im fine.

Hearing how Xie Limo was coughing, Yun Bixue panicked and asked, Limo, I heard that the wind is very strong over there. Also, why do you keep coughing? Did you catch a cold?

The weather here in Gui County is quite crazy. The snow is very thick, and the winds are strong, but dont worry. Im fine. I only have a bit of a cough.

Even though Xie Limo said this, Yun Bixue had been together with him for a year, so how could she not tell the suppressed tone in his voice?

Limo, I saw that the rescue operations are about to end. Its been more than three days already. When will you be back?

Yun Bixues tone was laced with softness, making Xie Limos heart clench in guilt. Be good. I might only be able to return after some time. Some villages have been completely covered by the thick snow. The area here is mountainous and difficult to travel around, so we still need to go deeper to reach the frontline.

When Yun Bixue heard that, her heart skipped a beat as she immediately felt uneasy. The villages were completely covered in snow? Then what are you guys going to do? I didnt see this on the news!

This place is very remote and far away. We only received the call for help yesterday and just located them now. The reporters havent arrived, but they should be coming soon. The aid resources will be flown in and distributed soon too.

Yun Bixues heart was palpitating rapidly as she asked, Limo, let me come and find you, alright? I feel really anxious and worried waiting for news of you. I cant even see you on the news.

At that time, Xie Limo was walking amidst the wind and snow with a few rescue people as they walked deeper into the mountains. Hearing the uneasiness and pleading tone in Yun Bixues voice, his heart trembled ever so slightly. It made his heart feel really tender. He hated that he could not just fly over to her side and hug her in his arms at this moment.

He missed her too. Despite countless times of being worn out and weary, she had been the only thought in his mind.

Xue, listen to me. I will come back really soon. Be good and wait for me patiently. If you come, I will fear for your safety and be distracted.

I will just stand by the side. I wont give you trouble.

Its not that. Xue, even if you stand at the side, I still cant help but worry for you. I wont be able to do other things then.

Yun Bixue breathed in a few times before she replied unwillingly, Alright then, but you must promise me that youll keep yourself safe. I also donated a lot of resources to Gui County!

When she said this, Yun Bixue was like a little girl waiting to be praised. Xie Limo smiled when he heard her and replied, Yeah, my wife is the best. You make me proud.