Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 114

Chapter 114: The Jia and Shen Families Start Fighting

When Shen Zhengyao was still spacing out, the sounds of Yun Muzhong and Yang Siru brawling rang through the house.

Shen Zhengyao watched the two of them and felt incredulous. All along, they had always gotten along harmoniously. That was especially so for the youngest uncle from his great aunt's family. He had always been well-natured, and no matter how huge of a ruckus his aunt created, his youngest uncleYun Muzhongwas always tolerant of her.

However, hearing Yun Muzhong call her out as a shrew during the spat evidently pointed at a huge issue. To only now be irked by Yang Siru in his forties; that was uncalled for. Something must have happened.

"Zhengyao, don't worry. I'll settle this. Is your grandfather doing well?"

"Great Aunt, rest assured. My father has been taking great care of Grandfather."

Old Lady Shen finally heaved a sigh of relief. "That's great then." As long as her elderly brother was still around, the Shen family would not collapse completely and would remain as her backer.

"Yun Muzhong, where are you going again, huh?"

"With an unreasonable shrew like you at home, of course I would want to leave."

"Yun Muzhong, you dare... You have the audacity to... Ah...!" Yang Siru chased after Yun Muzhong and yanked at his shirt.

Yun Muzhong flung her away instantly, and Yang Siru almost slammed against the stairs. Almost losing her balance, she began to wail.

Old Lady Shen's head started to throb at this sight. In the past, she would have definitely thrown Yang Siru out of the house long ago. However, with so many issues plaguing the Shen and Yun family now, it was a period when she most certainly needed the Yang family's support. She could not afford to make another mistake.

"Muzhong, stand right there! Wait at home!"

Old Lady Shen instructed him. Although Yun Muzhong felt agonized, he could not leave. He paused in his steps and returned to the house.

"Zhengyao, look at your youngest uncle. He's truly different from you. He must look like a joke to you now."

"Great Aunt, we're all family. There's nobody I see as a joke here. But I think there might be something wrong with Youngest Uncle. Is he..." Despite not completing his sentence, he still managed to alert Old Lady Shen.

A sharp hint of light flashed across her eyes. Could Yun Muzhong really be keeping a mistress outside? It seemed that she really had to do a proper investigation. Although she still had doubts, she couldn't help but pay attention to Shen Zhengyao's sincere words.

With the Shen family already in trouble, she definitely didn't wish for anything to happen within the Yun family. The more Old Lady Shen thought about it, the more uneasy she felt.

After Shen Zhengyao took his leave, Old Lady Shen sent her people to check on Yun Muzhong's past activitiesthose he had interacted with during this period, and whether there were any females involved.

Yun Mengshi would also return home occasionally. Yang Siru would berate her the moment she got home, so she simply decided to stay away.

Also, because Father Jia had accepted the interview and revealed all those details, the Jia and Shen families had thoroughly severed their ties.

The two families had started fighting unreservedly. The Jia family, in particular, had indeed gone all-out. After all, they were already ruined, and they didn't fear falling further.

If they met someone from the Shen family, even the cowardly Jia Dongkun would throw some punches or simply lash out at them.

The Shen family retaliated by engaging a secret agent to beat up Jia Dongkun. The grudges between the two families piled up, and eventually, it almost became irreconcilable. The Jia family had ultimately spilled almost all the details regarding the matter.

Finally, under Young Master Xie's orders, all the departments started taking action. They sometimes invited the Jia family to the investigation department for a chat, and the Shen family to the police station for a discussion.

The different departments of Ning An City were all toiling away, and the Shen family was racking their brains for a solution. Shen Zhengyao personally requested to meet Young Master Xie, but to no avail. He was also unsuccessful even when he asked to meet Yun Bixue.