Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1143

Chapter 1143 She Is Qiao Muwan

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Hearing Yun Bixues words, Yun Mengshi was so startled that she staggered backwards, her face turning as pale as a sheet of paper.

She could not believe it. How did Yun Bixue know?

Yun Mengshi was caught off guard in that instant. Looking at Yun Bixues expression, she was so shocked that she did not even dare to exhale.

However, her fear vanished in the next moment. As though she had just thought of something, she retorted indignantly, Yun Bixue, what are you talking about? I have no idea what youre saying!

Yun Mengshi, even if you deny, it doesnt change the fact that I know.

Yun Bixue realized that she was becoming increasingly intolerant of Yun Mengshi.

After visiting the production team that day, Yun Bixue called two people over. It was Yun Mengshis manager and bodyguard.

Did both of you discover anything odd about Lin Xi recently? Such as who she contacted, and if she said anything weird?

Both of them shook their heads.

Yun Bixue did not believe it. Think carefully. There must be something amiss. For example, are there any words she had casually mentioned, or if she appeared very pleased with something?

The manager suddenly recalled something. Boss Yun, I remember now. A few days ago, when it was snowing, Lin Xi was talking to someone on the phone. She said something like she would not need to tolerate all these very soon. Something like she was born in a noble family. Since I was looking for her at that time, I did not manage to listen clearly. However, she immediately ended the call when she saw me.

Yun Bixue clasped her hands together and scoffed. Something is indeed off.

She let the two of them continue to watch Yun Mengshi. She also prepared to find some time to contact Miao Zifu.

However, after two days, Yun Bixue received a call from Miao Zifu instead.

Bixue! Bixue!

Zifu, I finally received a call from you. If not for the secret guards who reported to me that youre safe, I almost thought that something had happened to you.

Miao Zifu knew that her only sister and friend now was Yun Bixue. Having someone worrying for her, aside from her younger brother, felt good too.

She whispered into the phone, Im fine, dont worry, Bixue. Ive got exciting news for you. I found Chu Feier and confirmed her new identity. She really did change her looks. Even though her name and face changed, I can confirm that its really her, based on my understanding of her and my long-term observation of her.

When Yun Bixue heard this, she could feel her heart racing. She finally found some leads after searching for so long.

This Chu Feier was definitely a dangerous weed. Knowing where she was at and where she was hiding in secret would help her avoid many dangers.

Zifu, how exactly did she change her looks? Yun Bixue could feel the agitation in her voice.

Bixue, she is called Qiao Muwan now. Qiao is her last name. She looks totally different from how she used to look like in the past. She may have undergone plastic surgery, but her voice did not change. Im very sure its her because she also has a tattoo scar on her back. Although she had it removed, the scar still remains. Its definitely her.

The determination was evident in Miao Zifus voice.

Just as Yun Bixue suspected, Chu Feier had indeed changed her looks. However, she did not expect her to actually undergo plastic surgery and even change her name.

Miao Zifu said worriedly, Bixue, you have to be careful. Chu Feier is now Qiao Muwan. Shes different from the past now. The way she does things is very sinister now, to the point of being psychotic. Furthermore, she is extremely alert and cautious. If not for my understanding of her and being careful enough, I would almost have been discovered by her.

Yun Bixue could not imagine how Chu Feier looked like now. However, what she could be sure of was that the Qiao Muwan now was definitely much more dangerous than she was in the past.