Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1144

Chapter 1144 How Is The Actual Situation Like?

Chapter 1144: How is the Actual Situation Like?
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Yun Bixue replied, Zifu, I understand. You should be more careful too.

Yeah, dont worry. I will continue to watch her, but she is very crafty. Although she didnt discover me, the people she interacted with were all very mysterious. I feel like Im acting in a spy movie. Luckily, I have a strong heart. Miao Zifu had her fair share of experiences too, so she had a very strong heart and mentality.

Qiao Muwan, Qiao Muwan!

Yun Bixue kept muttering this name under her breath. She had a feeling that this name was very familiar, as though she had heard it somewhere or seen it somewhere.

The more she thought about it, the more her head throbbed. She simply could not recall where she heard it from.

She smacked her own head before sighing. Forget it. She was not going to think about it since she could not remember it.

When it was lunchtime, Yun Bixue went to the employees cafeteria to eat with Li Mei and the rest.

Not long after, the other employees trickled in to have their lunch.

Gao Mei, is your elder sister alright?

Shes fine now. Shes still recuperating in the hospital. I went to take a look, and she looks fine. When I heard that my elder sister was on that train involved in the accident, I couldnt sleep at all. Seeing it on the news made me even more scared. However, my elder sister said that things were not so serious. Although a few people died, most of the passengers on the train had been rescued.

Then why are the countrys leaders still in Gui County? Its been around ten days already, right?

I heard that the snow is piling up there, so it wont be easy to come back. Also, the villagers are trapped in the snow. They need help from the rescue volunteers, so we should donate as much as we can.

I heard that our newly appointed Minister of State Affairs led the rescue mission there. What a good official that serves the citizens.

Say, the Minister of State Affairs is already so old and still risked his life going there. Would his body be able to take it? Hope he doesnt run into danger there!

Haha! What do you mean old? Hes really young and capable. Thats why he became such a high-ranking official at such a young age. Majesty Kang thinks highly of him

Young? Have you seen him before? Is he handsome?

Nope, but I heard hes very good

Yun Bixue listened as the two people chatted while eating their food. When she heard what they were talking about, the pork rib in her chopsticks fell on the table at once.

She could not believe what she had just heard. Her head was spinning and started to throb.

She gripped tightly on her chopsticks. Her grip was so hard that her knuckles turned white.

So, Limo was there because the villages were covered in snow and needed to be rescued? Why did she not know this?

Why didnt he tell her?

Li Mei was eating her food when she saw the pork rib drop on the table. When she looked up, she saw Boss Yuns ashen face.

Boss Yun, whats wrong?

The moment she heard Li Meis voice, Yun Bixue regained her senses. She placed her chopsticks down on the table and stood up immediately. Im not eating anymore. I have something on now.

As she said that, she immediately ran outside.

She must definitely find out the truth. If Limo was still carrying out rescue operations in these villages, it must be very dangerous! It was her fault for being too careless and not noticing anything amiss.

Yun Bixues heart raced and beat erratically, feeling scared. It felt as if her heart was about to jump out of her throat.

As she ran, Wang Qianjin popped up in her mind. Being the chairman of the National Charity Congress, Wang Qianjin had always been in charge of delivering the aid resources to Gui County. He would definitely understand the situation over there, so she had to go and ask him.

At this moment, Yun Bixue only had one thought in her mind. Even if she was entering a tigers den, she had to go and find Wang Qianjin to ask.

Once she reached the basement, Yun Bixue immediately drove towards the National Charity Congress. She sped past quite a few red lights along the way, but she did not care.

Her only thought was to go and find Wang Qianjin. However, as she was driving, a thought flashed across her mind.