Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1145

Chapter 1145 Intertwined Connections

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Yun Bixue slowed down the speed of her car as she suddenly recalled something.

She finally knew why the name Qiao Muwan sounded so familiar.

Wang Qianjin, Qiao Muwan. These two people had links with each other before. Last year, when she sent her younger sister back to Country E, she saw a woman at Hotel President. That womans back and walking posture was very similar to Chu Feiers.

Back then, she was so shocked that she even chased after that woman to take a look. However, she did not see anyone.

Afterwards, she did not give up. It was Bilu who asked Huang Yize to help get the surveillance recordings of the hotel. They found that that woman was called Qiao Muwan. The name was totally different from Chu Feier.

Back then, she felt that she was being overly suspicious. The man accompanying Qiao Muwan was very seductive, and it was Huang Yize who recognized him and said he was Young Master Wang of the Wang family.

At this moment, the dots finally connected.

Yun Bixue gripped hard on the steering wheel. She hated that she could not just smash the steering wheel into pieces.

She felt like an idiot. She had a feeling that she had been played around with like a fool.

Furthermore, she remembered that Wang Qianjin attended her wedding with Limo. Although Wang Qianjin did not say anything back then, he did mention Chu Feier.

However, Wang Qianjin did not tell her exactly where Chu Feier was and how he was related to her.

Back then, she could not make the connection at all. At that time, Wang Qianjin even had his arm around Qiao Muwans waist, and both of them appeared intimate with each other.

Yun Bixue was angry at herself for being so stupid, and she directed all her anger towards Wang Qianjin.

The speed of her car became extremely high. She pulled to a stop right in front of the National Charity Congress.

Yun Bixue walked in immediately even though the front desk lady tried to stop her and tell her to make an appointment first.

Yun Bixue held her temper in and explained, I need to see your Chairman. I have something very important to ask him. She was burning with fury now. She did not care about making appointments. She just wanted to find Wang Qianjin to thrash things out and deal with him at the same time.

After explaining for a long time, Yun Bixues patience had almost run out. She screamed, Wang Qianjin! Wang Qianjin! Come out right now

Yun Bixues voice was very high-pitched as it reverberated across the main hall.

Indeed, she was so mad. She had been played around with for so long. That was why she felt like killing Wang Qianjin.

The front desk lady was at her wits end. She was about to call security, but she hesitated at the last moment. Seeing how furious and indignant this lady was acting, could she have been in a relationship with the Chairman?

At that moment, a male employee saw Yun Bixue and ran over. It was Ren Ting. He said, Its you, Miss Yun. You donated a lot of things when you came previously. Youre a huge benefactor to the people in Gui County.

Yun Bixue glanced at the man and recalled that he was the one who shook her hand the first time she came to deliver her donations.

Hello, Im here to look for your Chairman.

Oh, please wait for a moment. Ill go up and call him for you.

Ren Ting immediately took the elevator, went up to the highest floor, and found Wang Qianjins office.

Seeing how Ren Ting was smiling so strangely, Wang Qianjin narrowed his intoxicating eyes slightly and asked, Did anything happen?

Ren Ting broke into a wide grin as he said, Chairman, your girlfriend is looking for you downstairs. She sounded really angry. Could she be here to catch you? I told you before, you should be loyal and devoted when it comes to love. Your girlfriend is so pretty, so dont play around anymore and make her upset.

The documents in Wang Qianjins hands fell flat on the table. He raised his brow and said, Girlfriend? Since when did he have a girlfriend?

Many women wanted to climb into his bed, but no one had dared to claim that she was his girlfriend.