Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149 Beyond His Imagination

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Hearing these words, Yun Bixues gaze instantly weakened. Her heart tinged painfully as it ached for her husband.

She shook her head in disbelief. It shouldnt be like this. Limo performed very well, and the people he punished were all corrupt officials who bullied the common folk. The things he did were all good.

Wang Qianjin caught the trace of weakness that flashed in Yun Bixues eyes. The vicious glint in her eyes was no longer there. This weak and frail gaze struck a chord in his heart.

This woman had always put on a strong front, so it was a surprise for him to see her weak side.

The two of them seemed to have forgotten that they were at each others throats.

Wang Qianjin said, Yun Bixue, youre still too naive. How would the political scene be so simple? If the King wants his subject to die, the subject has to die. Furthermore, which political department isnt corrupt? Only a few of them are clean. Even they would be worried that Xie Limo would dig out their secrets!

The Northern Xie and Southern Wang. The North belongs to Limo, so he has the right to call the shots here!

The Northern Xie and Southern Wang legacy has been passed down from thousands of years ago, and so many generations had passed since then. The powers in the North and South had been reshuffled, and new families have risen to power. More than a century has passed, and things are now in the hands of the current players. You should have understood this from the start. Dont be foolish. You can follow me, you know? I wont let you live in worry and fear. Wang Qianjin was still trying to tempt Yun Bixue at this moment.

Yun Bixue could not accept this at the moment. But he could have refused to go.

Seeing how Yun Bixue was being like this, Wang Qianjin did not know why, but he started explaining to her, You think he can reject and say no when the citizens in Gui County are in danger? Think about how the citizens would view him. How would the other officials view him? How would the members of the imperial family view him? If the higher-ups ordered him to go and carry out a mission, he could only go if he wants to continue being an official in the capital!

Yun Bixue knew that Wang Qianjins analysis was right.

Her eyes reddened a little, and her heart ached unbearably for Xie Limo. This meant that he had suffered so much for the past ten days, but she did not know anything at all.

Yun Bixue hated herself a little. She hated that she could not help him at all, and even made him worry about her.

You men only know how to make women worry!

Yun Bixues tone was resentful. It gave Wang Qianjin a really weird feeling. He also felt that he was being a little off today.

Thats Xie Limos fault for not doing things well and making you worry. If you follow me, I will definitely not let you worry.

Yun Bixue scoffed. Wang Qianjin, you dont even like me, let alone love me. You saying such words only makes me want to laugh at you.

Wang Qianjin stared at Yun Bixue and thought about her words. Did he really have no love in his heart?

Yun Bixue would not care about what Wang Qianjin was thinking. She said seriously, Let me ask you. Can I go to Gui County along with where the aid resources are headed?

Wang Qianjins expression darkened. He narrowed his eyes and said, Do you not want your life?

Ha! See, so its really very dangerous over there. Yun Bixue thought of how it had been three days since Xie Limo last called her, and a dull ache started to throb in her heart.

Yun Bixue forced herself to keep her cool. She tightened her grip and said with a piercing and murderous glare, Let me ask you again. How exactly are you related to Qiao Muwan? You know that shes Chu Feier, dont you?

Yun Bixues words made Wang Qianjins expression stiffen. He did not expect her to actually find out. It was really beyond his imagination!