Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1152

Chapter 1152 Having A Meal

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Yun Bixue did not think before she said, "I donated so many resources, so what right do you have to prevent me from going?"

Wang Qianjin sat down on the table beside them and stared at her with a lazy and teasing look. He was admiring her expression as the cold gaze in his eyes softened and became more alluring.

"Why are you staring at me like that?"

Wang Qianjin crossed his legs and raised them on the table. He said with much interest, "Yun Bixue, dont you think the words you just said feel a little different?"

"How different?" Yun Bixue stared at Wang Qianjin on high alert. She was afraid that he might be pulling some tricks on her!

Wang Qianjin found Yun Bixue more and more amusing. He actually felt that her expressions were all genuine and very interesting.

"Dont you think you sound like youre throwing a tantrum at your boyfriend when you said those words?" Wang Qianjin still remembered how Ren Ting was talking to him about his girlfriend.

In the past, he felt that living things like girlfriends were simply troublesome. However, thinking of the word girlfriend now, he felt that it sounded pretty good, and he was not averse to it either.

When Wang Qianjin said that to Yun Bixue, her expression immediately changed. Her face turned red from anger as she pointed at him and said, "Stop spouting rubbish! I have already asked what I wanted to ask, so you can eat on your own if you want!"

Just as Yun Bixue was about to leave the private room, Wang Qianjin leisurely said, "If you eat this meal with me, I will definitely bring you to Gui County to find Xie Limo!"

Yun Bixue paused in her steps. She turned around at once and said, "Why should I trust you?"

"Yun Bixue, dont you think these words are unnecessary? You invited me here today, threatened me, and questioned me. Isnt it because you subconsciously knew that I wouldnt harm you? Thats why you could be so daring and bold."

Once Wang Qianjin pointed this out, Yun Bixues heart skipped a beat. Thinking about it, she was indeed confident at this point. She did not know where this confidence came from eit