Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1154

Chapter 1154 She Fainted

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Yun Bixue was trembling from head to toe, thinking that she did not want to hear it. However, she had no choice but to continue to listen. Her hand could barely hold onto her phone.

No matter how calm she was, when it came to matters concerning her grandfather, she would still panic. It was because Grandfather and Bilu were her only kin left.

She and Bilu lost their parents from a young age. Grandfather was the one who watched them grow up. If anything happened to him, she did not know what would happen to herself.

Yang Mei was choking a little as she said, Old Master and Aunt Zhou were in the car and was crossing the West Ring Bridge when it collided with another car and exploded.

Yun Bixues mind started whirling at once. It was as if her ears had exploded. She could not hear anything else. She fell into a trance as a bloody smell emanated from her throat.

Yang Mei was still saying something on the other end of the phone, but Yun Bixue could not hear her at all. She immediately fainted.

No matter what Yang Mei said, there was no reply. The call remained connected, but she just could not hear Miss Yuns voice.

Yang Mei panicked. She was afraid that something had happened to Miss Yun. She called Yun Dong, but no one answered.

For their safety and concealment, the rest of the Yun familys men of sacrifice were all only contactable via Yun Dong. However, she could not be contacted too.

Even if she went to the capital right now, it would be too late. Yang Mei was seriously worried for Miss Yuns safety.

This was the first time she felt a sense of helplessness. She realized that outside of Ning An City, the power of their Yun family was too small and insignificant in the capital.

This series of events caught her off guard as well. As men of sacrifice, they must gather their morale and spirits. Old Master Yun was dead. Nothing must happen to Miss Yun now.

Yang Mei suddenly remembered that she had filled in a confirmation form when she went to the National Charity Congress to donate items. She had a copy of it and remembered there was a phone number.

Yang Mei took out that form and dialed the contact number of that particular person.

Ren Ting answered the call. Yang Mei suggested that something might have happened to a person living in a certain condominium and needed his help to bring someone over to check.

Ren Ting immediately became serious and agreed on the spot. He also told Yang Mei that he would keep her updated constantly on the situation.

Yang Mei kept expressing her gratitude and thanks. She even promised that she would continue to donate resources from now on.

Ren Ting thought about Miss Yuns relationship with the Chairman. Although the Chairman did not want to admit it, both of them still had dinner together last night, so they were definitely familiar with each other.

He called Wang Qianjin immediately and briefly told him what happened.

Without any hesitation, Wang Qianjin grabbed his coat and walked out as he said, Ill come with you. His usual playful and lazy demeanor took a turn and became serious now.

Wang Qianjin and Ren Ting lived in different areas. As they had both knocked off from work, Wang Qianjin was the first to reach Yun Bixues house.

When he reached the door to Yun Bixues condo, no matter how many times Wang Qianjin knocked, no one opened the door. He stared at the door lock and sighed. He, Wang Qianjin, actually had a time when he would breaking other peoples door lock.

He found a tiny, thin silver wire and broke the lock. The moment he entered the living room, he saw Yun Bixue unconscious on the floor.

She was lying there, her body curled up. This scene pierced right into Wang Qianjins heart.

He immediately ran over and pulled Yun Bixue up. Yun Bixue! Yun Bixue!

Yun Bixue could not feel anything at this moment. Her face was ghastly pale, and her body felt weak all over. Wang Qianjin hugged her in his arms and could feel that there was no energy left in her.

Seeing her pale face and unconscious state, Wang Qianjin kept on patting her face as he said, Yun Bixue! Wake up! Wake up!

At last, Wang Qianjin had no choice but to strangle Yun Bixue