Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1158

Chapter 1158 The Floor Was Stained Blood Red

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The cold winter breeze howled in the air. Yun Bixue knelt down on the floor like this, kowtowing as hard as she could. She did not feel the pain, no matter how much it hurt, because this physical pain was incomparable to the pain in her heart.

She and Bilu lost their parents from a young age, and they were only able to grow up under Grandfathers care. Grandfather struggled so hard to maintain the Yun family so that she and her younger sister would be able to grow up well.

However, when it was time for Grandfather to enjoy life, he had had

The blood from Yun Bixues forehead mixed with her tears. Her blood also stained the ground red.

Yun Bixues actions stunned everyone at the scene. Yang Mei widened her eyes and exclaimed before covering her mouth as tears streamed down her face.

She knew that this time, she would not be able to stop First Miss. It was because First Miss was the one who suffered and hurt the most now.

A few men of sacrifice from the Yun family also trembled for a moment. They stared at their First Miss as their hearts ached for her.

When Wang Qianjin arrived, this was exactly what he saw. He had to admit that he felt a mix of complicated emotions in his heart.

Yun Bixue fainted once again. When she woke up, she was lying down in the hospital. The wounds on her head and the cut marks on her palm had already been treated and bandaged.

Yang Mei kept watch over her by the bedside. Wang Man and Meng Xintong were there as well.

When Yun Bixue regained consciousness, the three people became agitated at once. They looked at her with concern and said simultaneously, Youre awake.

Seeing her three good friends in Ning An City, the loneliness in Yun Bixues heart warmed a little as she nodded.

Wang Man immediately said, Since youre awake now, eat something. Here, I made this for you.

Meng Xintong nodded and said, Yeah, Wang Mans cooking is really not bad now.

Yun Bixue knew that she must harden herself. She would only have strength after eating, so she nodded her head. As much as she had no appetite, she still forced herself to eat the porridge, egg rolls, and homemade burger.

Yang Mei, what time is it now? How long have I been unconscious?

First Miss, its afternoon now. You have been unconscious for almost eleven hours.

Yun Bixue shut her eyes to suppress the aching pain in her heart before saying, Gather all the evidence from the scene and prepare for Grandfathers funeral! Tell Bilu to take a few days off from school and come back!

Yang Meis heart ached for her First Miss who was in such a state. Okay!

Wang Man and Meng Xintong also said that they would help out and told Yun Bixue not to worry.

When Yun Bixue came to, she was very calm now. She did not appear to be in grief, but neither did she look happy. However, her pale complexion and appearance, which seemed as though she would fall apart from being blown by the wind, shocked peoples hearts as well.

Yang Mei took up her phone and immediately called Yun Dong. She contacted the Yun familys men of sacrifice in the capital and asked a few of them to kidnap Yun Mengshi, who was also Lin Xi, and bring her to Ning An City.

Old Master Yun and Aunt Zhous funerals were held together, which simplified matters. Some remains from the explosion scene were retrieved for their epitaphs.

When Yun Bilu received a call from Ning An City, she felt that it was very strange. What could be so urgent that she had to take leave immediately and return home?

Yun Bilu did not think much about it, so she went to apply for a leave. This time, Ji Zhiye from the student union tried his best to dissuade her from doing so. Yun Bilu, you should know that our school doesnt allow students to take leave at their will.

Actually, Ji Zhiye was afraid that if Yun Bilu took leave and left school, he would not be able to account to Young Master Huang. Although Young Master Huang left school already, he still wanted real-time reports on Yun Bilus whereabouts and safety.

Ji Zhiye, when did you become so wishy-washy? Im only applying for a few days of leave. I will come back, so dont worry. Its so easy for other students to take a leave, so why is it so troublesome when it comes to me?