Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1160

Chapter 1160 Young Master Huangs Instructions Before He Left

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Seeing how Yun Bilu was raising her fists, Ji Zhiye could only approve her leave form and register it.

Just as Yun Bilu was about to leave happily, Ji Zhiye said, Yun Bilu, do you know why youre special? You are Huang Yizes girlfriend. You will definitely be treated differently from others.

Yun Bilus mouth fell open. He wont allow me to take a leave?

Ji Zhiye saw the bewilderment in Yun Bilus eyes. He could not imagine how Yun Bilu and Huang Yize got along with each other.

Its like this. Huang Yize always worries for you, and given your temperament, you would get into trouble very easily, to put it in his words. Thats why he felt that it was safer for you to stay in school.

Although Ji Zhiye was being euphemistic with his words, Yun Bilu took it very seriously. The smile on her face grew wider and wider as she crinkled her eyes in happiness. Okay, this shows that he cares about me!

Seeing this look on Yun Bilus face made Ji Zhiye feel that he should not have told her that. This lady was really different from most people. She would not be shy at all.

Yun Bilu did not feel sad because Huang Yize went home. She remained very positive and continued to work hard to improve herself.

The corners of Ji Zhiyes mouth twitched as he waved her off. I already approved your leave, so you can go home now. But you must make sure you are safe, or else he will split me into pieces when he comes back.

Actually, Ji Zhiye did not know of the little entanglement and sadness Huang Yize had with Yun Bilu before he left.

When Yun Bilu heard Ji Zhiyes words, she was not in a hurry to leave. She sat down beside him and giggled as she asked, Ji Zhiye, do you also think that he cares a lot about me? Didnt he say anything before he went home?

Ji Zhiye waved her off and said, Dont sit so close to me. Who else would he care about if not you? If you said a few more words to me than usual, he would give me a cold glare. And what did he say before he went back home? He just told me to let the students in the student union take more care of you and look out for you. Even if you get into trouble, we should try our best to cover up for you

Ji Zhiye sighed as he said, If Im a woman, I would definitely fall in love with someone who would consider so much for me.

Yun Bilus eyes glowed radiantly. He really said this and instructed you guys to do this?

Could I even lie to you about this? Even if I could, I wouldnt use his words to lie to you. If he didnt say this, I wouldnt have the guts to tell you this either, no matter how daring I am.

Yun Bilu was in high spirits now. She knew how tsundere her boyfriend was. He obviously cared so much about her, yet he still said those ridiculous words.

Thankfully, she was always working hard to become stronger, working hard while waiting for him. She even worked hard so that she could go and find him.

In her excitement, Yun Bilu slapped her palm on Ji Zhiyes shoulder and said, Good. Because of your words today, Ill help you out if anyone bullies you next time.

Ow, ow, ow Ji Zhiye sucked in a few breaths as his shoulder started aching. He felt that his shoulder was about to dislocate.

Seeing Ji Zhiyes scrunched up face, Yun Bilu immediately retracted her hand and said with a tinge of embarrassment, Oops. I I forgot. I didnt control my strength properly.

Ji Zhiye did not know whether to laugh or cry. He felt sad for Huang Yize deep down. If this Yun Bilu accidentally hi-fived Huang Yize with such force, who knew if Huang Yize could take it. However, Huang Yizes martial arts skills should be excellent as well. The two of them were really a match made in heaven.

After having her leave approved, Yun Bilu went to the martial arts class and told her coach that she was going on leave.

Her coach only told her to take care of herself and taught her some new moves.

Upon hearing that Yun Bilu was going on leave, a few students who admired her in the same class could not bear to see her go. One of them said, Bilu, how long is your leave? The class wont be the same without you around.