Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1161

Chapter 1161 Yun Bilus Popularity

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Yeah, Bilu, its so interesting with you around. Everyones saying that whoever can fight with you will be able to improve.

We feel really energetic now. Its mainly because we saw how hard you worked, so we could not help working hard too.

Initially, we came to practice martial arts with the thought of just doing it for fun and playing around. Meeting you is really great.

We feel that its really too meaningful. Were all following in your footsteps. We just really admire you.

We wouldnt have known each other if we didnt get to fight with each other. Haha

Everyone squeezed around Yun Bilu, who was right in the center. Hearing how everyone was talking about her, she was at a loss for words. However, she felt really happy in her heart.

She never felt that practicing martial arts could be so meaningful. Not only did it improve her physical capabilities and martial arts skills, but she also made a bunch of really good friends here.

In fact, martial arts had its own spirit. These ladies who could persevere on for so long had a huge admiration and love for the sport. These girls were frank and easygoingneither fake nor indirect with their words and actions. Their personalities hit off well with that of Yun Bilus.

The whole bunch of them practiced martial arts together daily and forged deep friendships set in good martial arts spirit.

In the end, they solemnly became Yun Bilus followers. They felt that whatever Yun Bilu said or did was right. The way she practiced her martial arts skills was good too.

Yun Bilu felt very moved. This feeling of being protected, liked, and making people reluctant to part with her was a very warm feeling.

She immediately hugged the few people in front of her and said, Im only going home for a few days. I will be back.

Bilu, I want a hug too. You havent hugged me.

Hey, me too. Me too

Yun Bilus age was considered young here. Hearing how the few older sisters here who were clamoring for a hug made her hug them tightly.

When she was about to leave, everyone sent her off in the car. However, when she was in the loading bay area of the airport, Yun Bilu met Qianye Ziyu.

Why are you here?

Qianye Ziyu looked as youthful and amiable as ever, which made him look really gentle. Everyone was all clustered around you during the martial arts class. I couldnt speak to you then, so I came here to send you off.

He passed the snacks and drinks in his hands to Yun Bilu and said, I know you probably wont accept it if I buy other things. Here, take these snacks. Since you might not be used to the food being served on the plane, you can eat these. Dont starve yourself.

Yun Bilu stared at the things Qianye Ziyu was carrying and asked, How do you know what I like?

Qianye Ziyu replied gently, You always eat these while in martial arts class. Anyone would know if they took notice in class.

Thinking about how he came all the way to the airport to send her off and even bought snacks for her, Yun Bilu felt that she should not turn him down. They were classmates anyway, so she just accepted them.

Qianye Ziyu, you have a gentle nature, and youre so good-tempered. Youre so considerate towards girls too. Whoever becomes your girlfriend will be a very lucky girl. There are so many girls in our class. If you like any of them, just tell me, Ill help you woo her over.

Qianye Ziyus expression faded a little. He could not bring himself to say the words that he was about to say just then, so he merely replied, Take good care of yourself on your way home.

Oh! Yun Bilu felt a little awkward. She used Qianye Ziyu at the start, so she did not really know how to face him now.

Although Qianye Ziyu was pretty good too, she already had Huang Yize in her heart. That was why she could only keep her distance from other men.

Qianye Ziyu sat down beside Yun Bilu and said, Yun Bilu, I really envy you!