Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1162

Chapter 1162 Special Treatment

Chapter 1162: Special Treatment
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Yun Bilu paused for a moment before asking, What are you envious of?

Look at you. You look like you have no troubles at all, as if you can face any challenge you meet positively. You always look so happy.

Yun Bilus expression changed a little as she said, Qianye Ziyu, you dont need to be envious of me. Actually, Im not like how I appear to be. I have my own troubles too. Its just that I learned how to be strong, given my experiences from a young age. Only when one stays strong and positive can one lead a better life. I have always believed in this.

Can I ask you a question?

Yun Bilu frankly replied, I will answer it as long as its something I can answer.

Why did you decide to practice martial arts? Why are you working so hard for it? He really could not understand where her extremely hardworking drive and motivation came from.

During classes, he could see that Yun Bilu was training way too hard. While others were resting, she kept on practicing. While others were slacking, she did not relax at all.

Initially, he saw her fall down and get hurt from fighting with other people before. However, she always got up and continued to practice. She just shrugged it off and continued to spar with other people

The reason why so many girls liked her and wanted to get close to her and admired her was because she had a radiant aura. It was like sunlight that could chase away all darkness.

Yun Bilu smiled brightly and said, So this is what you want to ask. Im working so hard for someone, thats why my heart is so full of energy.

Qianye Ziyus fist clenched tightly when he heard that. His breathing tensed up as well. I see, I get it now.

Just as Qianye Ziyu was about to say something else, the announcement for boarding sounded. Yun Bilu stood up and said, Im going now. Thank you for coming to send me off, and thanks for the snacks.

Qianye Ziyu stared at Yun Bilus departing figure and shook his head bitterly before he turned and left.

However, when Yun Bilu was boarding the plane, the security officer simply refused to let her bring in the snacks.

Yun Bilu was so angry that she was about to protest. However, someone said a few words to the security officer, who then told Yun Bilu, How about you board the plane first. Our staff will pass them to you later.

You guys better dont play any tricks.

Dont worry, we have our professional standards. The security officer almost bit off his own tongue when he said this.

He really did not understand why the higher-ups had to pass down such an order. They said that this lady was not allowed to bring these drinks and snacks on the plane.

They did not know the status of this lady. However, the higher-ups ordered that they should not offend her.

After boarding the plane, the stewardess passed a bag of snacks and drinks to Yun Bilu.

Yun Bilu looked at them in shock. Did you get the wrong bag? Since when did I have so many snacks?

Earlier, our security officer got them mixed up with someone elses. To express our apology, we added more snacks for you on behalf of our airline.

So thats what happened. Yun Bilu did not think much about it. She felt a little sleepy and fell asleep in no time on the plane.

Once she fell asleep, a stewardess naturally placed a blanket over her. Hence, Yun Bilu was treated pretty well on the plane.

An auntie at the side complained and said, Miss stewardess, why did you give her a blanket? Why didnt you give me one?

The stewardess felt like crying. Since the higher-ups ordered it, she had to cover that lady with a blanket. Furthermore, the snacks that were passed to that lady had all been swapped as well. It was delivered personally by the higher-ups. Normal staff like her could only follow the given orders.

Maam, this is the only blanket left in our cabin. That lady looks pretty young, so I She could only find a lame excuse to try and explain.