Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1163

Chapter 1163 Young Master Huangs Possessiveness

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Thankfully, that auntie did not make a fuss, so she did not continue putting the stewardess in a spot.

Perhaps Yun Bilu had really been tired, so she slept very soundly on the plane.

In a certain location, Huang Yize received the reply from his subordinates. His gaze was dark as he nodded and said, Okay, not bad.

Zuo Yi wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead. His Young Master Huang was becoming more and more strange.

He could not understand him. Miss Yun Bilu did not even like Qianye Ziyu, not to mention that what the latter gave were just a few harmless snacks. Did Young Master Huang have to be so upset over this?

Huang Yize rubbed his brows. He felt that he was being strange too. However, the further he was from Yun Bilu, the more possessive he was of her.

He was able to find out whether Yun Bilu was safe and well from his subordinates real-time reports. Whenever he saw any man get close to her, a surge of fury would immediately rush to his head.

Even if it was just a snack, he would feel that it was really an eyesore.

Although he knew that those snacks were bought from the supermarket and would not harm her, he still used the power of the Black Dragon Gang to pass down an emergency order, pressuring the airline company to swap Yun Bilus snacks and drinks.

Of course, the bag of snacks and drinks that Qianye Ziyu bought had already ended up in the hands of an unknown beggar.

The snacks that Yun Bilu was holding in her hands were the ones that Huang Yize sent someone to buy.

Ning An City

Yun Dong grabbed Yun Mengshi and dragged her into the Old Yun family mansion.

Yun Dongs expression was cold and serious. Since First Miss allowed her to expose her identity and let all their previous efforts go down the drain to drag Yun Mengshi back to Ning An City, it revealed the graveness of the issue.

Hence, she did not go easy on her abuse of Yun Mengshi on their way here.

Yun Mengshi was tied up tightly. Her elbows had been scarred red from being tied up. Her mouth was gagged as well. She widened her eyes in fear. She was so scared that she constantly trembled.

Yun Dong kicked Yun Mengshi and said, Dont look at me like that. It makes me want to dig your eyes out.

Yun Mengshi shuddered and did not dare to look at her anymore.

Yun Dong still did not know about what had happened to Old Master Yun. She merely felt an instinctive annoyance towards this Yun Mengshi.

Once Yun Mengshi had been forced into the Old Yun family mansion, Yang Mei held Yun Dong back and shook her head. She only kicked Yun Mengshi into the house and locked her up.

After closing the door, punching and kicking sounds could be heard from within, accompanied by ear-piercing screams that rang shrilly.

Yun Dong shuddered. She silently asked Yang Mei what had happened.

Only then did Yang Mei tell her what happened. Yun Dong immediately widened her eyes in anger and grief. Her eyes turned red as she asked, How did this happen? How?

Yang Mei could only hug Yun Dong as they went inside the house beside the mansion, letting the latter calm her emotions.

For the past two days, no one in the whole Yun family mansion could get a good sleep. It was especially so for First Missshe had not slept for two days. First Miss was still trying her best to hold out her body, and eventually, she started to lose weight. They could not do anything about it, no matter how anxious they were. They only hoped that Second Miss would be able to talk to First Miss when she came back.

However, they hoped that Second Miss would stay strong too.

From now on, First Miss would have to shoulder the burden of this whole family.

Inside the house, Yun Bixue took out the gag cloth in Yun Mengshis mouth. Without waiting for her to say anything, she immediately started to rain blows on her.

Yun Bixue almost expended all her energy to beat Yun Mengshi up. The places she hit were not life-threatening, but she hit the latter with a deadly force.

Yun Mengshi was scared and in much pain. However, Yun Bixue did not give her any time to talk at all. She could only scream out in pain.

In the end, Yun Mengshis face became almost unrecognizable. She even started to throw up blood.

At last, Yun Mengshi did not feel like saying anything at all. She tried her very best to plead for mercy. Between coughs, she begged, Save me. Please spare me, spare me It hurts so much Ahh