Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1164

Chapter 1164 First Miss Had Changed

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Yun Mengshi could not even catch her breath as she begged for mercy endlessly.

She could feel that Yun Bixue really wanted to kill her. At that moment, she became really afraid. The feeling of death by suffocating on your last breath made her widen her eyes in alarm, begging at Yun Bixue for mercy to spare her life.

Yun Bixue hit her until her hands hurt. Once Yun Mengshi became unrecognizable, she let out a deep breath and stopped. Yun Mengshi, you did it, didnt you?

Cough cough Yun Bixue Elder Sister

The moment Yun Mengshi said the words elder sister, Yun Bixue immediately started slapping her face.

A cold and sinister aura emanated from all over Yun Bixue, as though she was a murderous deity. She squatted down and grabbed Yun Mengshis chin. Elder Sister? You actually have the nerve to call me that. Youre not part of the Yun family at all. You are responsible for Grandfathers accident, arent you?

Yun Mengshi shuddered and started trembling all over. She never knew that Yun Bixue could have such a terrifying side to her. She was so scared that she scrambled backwards.

Yun Bixue landed another slap on Yun Mengshis face and said, Where can you back off to? Tell me the truth, did you do it? As she said that, she put more force as she gripped Yun Mengshis chin. If she exerted a little bit more strength, Yun Mengshis jaw would probably break.

Yun Mengshi would not dare to speak now. Seeing how Yun Bixue was like this made her tremble in fear. She did not even dare to faint. Once she fainted, Yun Bixue would surely hit her awake at once.

Yun Bixue stood up and turned, making Yun Mengshi exhale in relief.

However, Yun Bixue unrolled a pouch on the table. Inside the pouch were all kinds of big and small needles. These were instruments used for acupuncture. She could put these instruments to good use today.

Yun Bixue took out a few silver needles and waved them in front of Yun Mengshi.

Yun Mengshi screamed in shock and horror. That silver needle flashed with a glint of light, which really terrified her.

A dark and mad glint flashed in Yun Bixues eyes as she said, Yun Mengshi, ah, Yun Mengshi. Its fine if you dont want to admit it. I know that youre the one who did it. All those who were involved, I will not let a single one of them off. Whoever dared to hurt my grandfather and made me suffer in agony, I will make them suffer ten times the pain.

Yun Mengshi shook her head with all her might. She felt that Yun Bixue had gone mad now. Really mad. Her gaze was completely different from before.

Yun Bixue, spare me, please. Spare me

Haha! If I spare you, then whos going to return my grandfather to me? Whos going to give me back my grandfather, huh? Hes the only kin Bilu and I have left now. How dare you, how could you He was your grandfather once and treated you well before too. Your food, clothes, and all the money you spent for the past twenty years, didnt all that come from the Yun family? Huh? Yun Bixue shouted at her in a furious voice, her tears falling uncontrollably as she did so.

No matter how much she tried to suppress her tears, she could not hold them back.

No, no Hes not my grandfather. You said it yourself, were not related by blood

He still raised you up, didnt he? Yun Mengshi, you dont even have a heart anymore. Youre worse than an animal.

After taking a deep breath, Yun Bixue patted Yun Mengshis head and said, Dont be scared now. I specially prepared these silver needles for you. It hurts so much here, so I want you to experience the pain tenfold. Yun Bixue pointed to her heart as she said that. It held so much grief inside that she felt as though her heart was about to be ripped apart.

In fact, Yun Bixue hated herself too. She hated that she was not able to protect her grandfather.

When Yun Bixue stuck the silver needles into Yun Mengshis acupoints one by one, it seemed as though she was performing acupuncture. However, only Yun Mengshi knew how much pain her whole body was in. She was shaking so hard that her whole body started breaking out in a cold sweat. Her ear-splitting screams reverberated right up through the roof of the house.

Everyone in the old Yun family mansion heard it. They could not help but shudder as a chill ran down their spines.

They all knew that the Yun family had changedthat First Miss had changed.