Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1165

Chapter 1165 Yun Mengshi Said It All

Chapter 1165: Yun Mengshi Said It All
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Yun Mengshi, I learned this from an old physician. I know which acupoints are not life-threatening but will hurt the most. Scream all you want. I feel like the louder you scream, the better it makes my heart feel. Yun Bixue felt that her life did not matter anymore now, much less that of others.

She even had a sudden thought that, after avenging Grandfather, she would have no more meaning in life.

There was nothing else in her mind now. The only thing that motivated her now would be to find all those people that were involved and avenge Grandfather.

She almost forgot who she was.

In the end, Yun Mengshi could not take it and started panting and stuttering as she said, Ill say, Ill say it, Ill say it all

Yun Bixue coldly replied, Thats great. If you said it earlier, you wouldnt have to go through so much pain.

Although Yun Bixue removed the silver needles one by one, Yun Mengshi was still shaking uncontrollably.

Under Yun Bixues intimidating stare, Yun Mengshi started to speak. I When I almost couldnt survive in Ning An City and almost turned into a beggar a woman approached me

Yun Mengshi was unable to get her words out properly. She had been hit so much that she was almost lifeless.

Yun Bixue had already prepared bags of Chinese medicine. She soaked it in hot water and wet it before forcing it down Yun Mengshis throat.

She then sat on the chair and waited. After an hour or so, when the medicine took effect, Yun Mengshi regained her energy as well.

Yun Bixue said in a cold and vicious tone, Continue!

Yun Mengshi trembled and immediately continued, She said she could let me enjoy a life thats way better than what the Yun family could give me. She could deal with the Yun family for me and hand the family over to me When she said this, Yun Mengshi looked up carefully in great fear at Yun Bixue.

When she realized that there was not much change in Yun Bixues expression, only then did she dare to continue and say, I did not have anything left at that time. No one was there to help me, so I could only believe her. She also said that she could help me get Young Master Xie.

When Yun Bixue heard this, the bowl in her hand slipped and shattered into pieces on the floor. This made her think of Xie Limo, and her heart was pierced with pain once again.

She did not know how he was doing now, but she could not wash her hands off Grandfathers matters.

Yun Bixue felt that she was really useless. She really hated herself. Her heart was in agony and grief. It could be said that she had been tormenting herself physically and mentally for the past couple of days.


After that, I agreed to help her and leave with her She groomed me into a famous celebrity within half a year, and I enjoyed life during that period However, I had to agree to become her assistant. This means that I had to do whatever she made me do. Under her threats and the temptation of luxury, I had no reason not to listen to her.

Yun Bixue said very coldly, Her name is Qiao Muwan. She is in Country F. Shi Laifei Company was opened under her name.

Yun Mengshi trembled as she widened her eyes. She could not believe that Yun Bixue actually knew.

Yun Bixue looked down at her as if she was looking at something lowly and insignificant. Theres no need to feel bewildered. You cant hide from me the things I want to know, so if you dont speak the truth, you know what the consequences are.

Yun Mengshi did not dare to hide the truth anymore. She started telling her all that she knew honestly.

Yun Bixue only realized now that Chu Feier had indeed used Yun Mengshi to kill Grandfather.

I really didnt kill Grandfather. I only asked someone to send something your father left behind after his death to him, and let the person tell him where he was found. He wanted to rush over to find the leads as fast as possible, thats why he asked someone to drive him there personally.

Yun Bixue gave Yun Mengshi a tight slap on the face and said, So you guys set up everything on the bridge?