Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1166

Chapter 1166 Yun Bilu Is Back

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Seeing the icy glare and murderous intent emanating from Yun Bixues eyes, Yun Mengshi shook her head and said, No, no. I had no idea of the things that happened after that.

Where did you get the item that my father left behind?

I stole this from Grandfather years ago. I knew it was very important to Grandfather, so it would definitely be of use one day.

Once she confirmed that she could no longer get any more information out of Yun Mengshi, Yun Bixue finally let someone drag her out.

Yun Bixue slumped down to the floor, feeling a little weak. Her mind was whirling and felt dizzy. She smacked her head hard before asking Yang Mei to pass her the information she found on the car owners identity.

From the information, Yun Bixue found out that the car owner had contacted someone from the An family. Although it was not An Yexuan, Yun Bixue was very sure that An Yexuan had a hand in this.

Hmph! An family, just wait and see! As she said that, a murderous glint flashed across her eyes.

Since they crossed her limits, they should wait for her mad revenge!

Once Yun Bilu got off the plane, Yang Mei was already there to fetch her personally.

Yun Bilu ran towards Yang Mei excitedly. She hugged the latter before asking, Eh? Wheres my elder sister? She didnt come?

Second Miss, we have a situation in the Yun family. First Miss is handling it now, so she couldnt come. Yang Mei could not bring herself to break the news as she stared at Yun Bilus pure and happy expression. How was she supposed to tell her?

She had prepared her words beforehand. Now, however, she could not even speak a word of it.

Yun Bilu felt that Yang Mei was being a little strange. She did not say much on the journey home either, as though she was suppressing her words.

Yun Bilu, who was sitting at the front passengers seat, stared at Yang Mei as she said, Yang Mei, do you have something to say to me? What happened to my elder sister? Did something happen to the Yun family?

Yang Mei was distracted for a moment and almost knocked into the car in front of them. She calmed herself down and said, Second Miss, I dont know how to break it to you. However, you must prepare yourself mentally for this. Ill let other people tell you when we reach the old Yun family mansion!

Yun Bilu knew that if she continued to ask, Elder Sister Yang would not be able to focus on driving anymore.

Her heart felt a little uneasy. Her original happiness faded as well. She sat back in her seat quietly and pouted. She felt a little unhappy as her thoughts started to run wild.

Once they reached the old mansion, Yun Bilu could clearly sense a cold and repressive aura around the whole place.

When she saw the white flowers and cloth put up all around, her legs turned weak as she muttered, Elder Sister Yang, this What exactly is going on?

Yun Bilu pointed at the white flowers as her gaze turned fragile.

Yang Mei tried her best to suppress her emotions. She bit her tongue before saying, Old Master is gone.

Yun Bilu stood up carefully and walked over to stand in front of Yang Mei. She looked right into her eyes and said, Elder Sister Yang, what did you say? My hearing isnt very good, can you say that again?

Seeing the pure and innocent Yun Bilu in front of her, Yang Mei said in a hoarse voice, Second Miss, you didnt hear wrongly. Old Master is gone. There was an explosion. He and Aunt Zhou perished together.

Elder Sister Yang, youre lying to me. Youre lying to me, right? This is not real. I dont believe it. Its not real. As Yun Bilu said that, she grabbed Yang Meis shoulders and started shaking her.

Yang Mei bit her lip as hard as she could and did not say a word, letting Yun Bilu shake her with all her might.

Yun Bilu felt really depressed and aggrieved as her eyes started to redden.

Just when she was about to go crazy, Yun Bixue walked out of the house and said, Bilu, youre back!

Hearing her elder sisters voice, Yun Bilu immediately turned around and ran up to her. She grabbed Yun Bixues arm and asked, Elder Sister, please tell me this is all a lie.