Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1168

Chapter 1168 Troublemakers

Chapter 1168: Troublemakers
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The clear sound of that slap sent Xu Miaodan into a daze. She staggered and collapsed on the floor pathetically as her mind went blank.

Yun Bilu put her hands on her hips and said to her, If you want to cause trouble here, Ill hit you until you cant even be recognized by your family. Get lost!

Xu Miaodan clutched her face and screamed, Everyone, look! Shes hitting me. I came here to pay my respects out of goodwill, but she actually hit me. Ahh My face

Yun Bilu raised her fists and said, Youre called Xu Miaodan, huh? If you dare to shout again, Ill make sure that you wont be able to shout for the rest of your life.

Everyone who was there to pay their respects saw this scene clearly. They saw how fierce and scary this Second Miss was. They suddenly felt that, even though these two sisters were all that was left of the Yun family, they were not people who could be trifled with.

The people in Ning An City knew that this woman was the Miss of the Xu family, who had once been chased out of the family.

Xu Miaodan pointed at Yun Bilu and screamed, You guys are bullying people too much.

Xu Miaodan hated the Yun family. Back then, she was jealous of Yun Bixue. She purposely used the ring incident to sow discord between Yun Bixue and Xie Limo. However, she did not expect Xie Limo to secretly arrange for someone to make Stars Fate Jewelry close down completely. This made her fall out with her family, and she got chased out of the house as a result.

She, the great Miss of the Xu family, had to resort to desperate measures just to survive.

She barely managed to survive in the capital. She thought that Yun Dong was someone she could trust and even began to tell her all her secrets.

In the end, she realized that even Yun Dong was placed by her side by the Yun family. What a joke. Hence, she would not let the Yun family off. Especially Yun Bixue.

Seeing that Young Master Xie did not come, she was elated. She thought that Young Master Xie must not like Yun Bixue anymore, or else he would not miss such an important event like this.

Of course, Xu Miaodan did not know that Xie Limo was now the Minister of State Affairs and had gone to Gui County in response to the needs of the country.

Yun Bilu shouted, I welcome all who came here to pay respects sincerely. As for troublemakers like you, I would even feel like killing you to make blood offerings.

Flames were raging in Yun Bilus eyes as she stared at Xu Miaodan with gritted teeth. If looks could kill, Xu Miaodan would have been burned to death now.

Seeing Yun Bilu in this state, Xu Miaodans heart jumped a little. She felt that this girl was completely different from what she had imagined.

However, those who knew the Second Miss of the Yun family understood that this Second Miss was good at fighting since she was young. She was not someone who would let others trample her.

Even though Yun Bilu was grieving badly, she was still like how she had been when she was young. She suppressed her grief to help and protect her elder sister.

Hence, she would not let anyone off if anyone tried to bully them.

Xu Miaodan pointed her finger at Yun Bilu and said, You guys are feeling guilty. If you dont let me come, it means youre guilty.

Were guilty? More like its you whos guilty of doing too many evil deeds! Yun Bilu scoffed at her, then proceeded to snap Xu Miaodans finger.

Ahh! An ear-splitting shriek rang out, as though a pig had been slaughtered.

It made everyone at the scene shudder involuntarily. After witnessing this, a few other troublemakers immediately gave up the thought of causing trouble. Seeing how these two sisters were like, they knew they would not be able to take advantage of them.

In the past, they only heard of how charismatic the First Miss of the Yun family was. How could this Second Miss be even more terrifying?

Yun Bilu kicked Xu Miaodan and told one of the men of sacrifice, Throw this pig out.


Right at that moment, an old and haggard voice sounded out from outside. Stop!

Xu Miaodan was trembling in pain, but when she heard this voice, a hint of glee flashed across her face. Now that that person is here, Yun Bixue and Yun Bilu would be chased out of the Yun family. She looked forward to seeing it with her own eyes.