Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Astonishing

Yun Bixue felt the cooling sensation from Xie Limo's palms. Her breath hitched, and her heart thudded faster and faster. Lying beneath him, she looked into Xie Limo's eyes, which slowly grew clearer. He was as beautiful as a paintinghis looks were exquisite.

Xie Limo tidied Yun Bixue's hair and gently moved his fingers. He grazed them against Yun Bixue's cheeks, as if caressing some treasure that he cherished deeply.

The places where Xie Limo's palm touched felt as though they were electrified and her heart trembled along.

She had been physically prepared for this moment. Although she was nervous, she knew what was coming next, and thus she willingly steeled herself. He was her husband, and he was also someone brilliant who treated her well. She should have already... As if a certain thought had flashed through her head, Yun Bixue's ears turned faintly red.

Xie Limo quietly stared at Yun Bixue. It seemed as if he only saw her in the entire world through his alluring eyes.

Time slowly trickled past, but Xie Limo didn't seem to have had his fill yet. Finally, he lowered his head gently and planted a tender kiss on Yun Bixue's forehead. "Good night, my dear. Rest early. I'll take you to meet Mother tomorrow."

She was his wife, and thus he wanted the most important figures in his family to meet her.

Yun Bixue saw that Xie Limo had already flipped over and he lay down beside her. He pulled her into his embrace, and Yun Bixue snuggled against him submissively as she found a comfortable position within his arms.

She quietly heaved a sigh of relief, but she felt somewhat disappointed in her heart. She had no idea whycould she had been anticipating it?

Xie Limo exceptionally adored and cherished Yun Bixue, and so he'd made it clear from the start. He would give her ample time to prepare herself so that she would be completely ready to receive him.

She didn't know when, but the two of them had grown from being unfamiliar with each other to being coordinated in sleeping with the other in their arms. If Xie Limo went away for work, the two of them would feel that something was amiss when they went to bed at night.

They had to admit that it was fascinating to developing new habits.

The next morning, when Yun Bixue woke up to check the time, it was already half past seven. She was certain she had set the alarm clock for half past five.

Yun Bixue woke up looking disheveled and grabbed the clock. She started to weepshe had set the time, but the alarm hadn't gone off at all.

Xie Limo was leaning leisurely against the door. He watched Yun Bixue's disoriented figure and said elegantly, "I was afraid you wouldn't have a good rest last night, so I switched it off."

"Ah... Why did you switch it off? Sob... There's not enough time." At that moment, Yun Bixue looked aggrieved and appeared to be reprimanding him.

Xie Limo hugged her to offer comfort and said, "Enough, don't worry. Mother will only be here around 10. There's no need for you to rush. I made breakfast so go eat and then Xie Shiyi's team will doll you up. There's still plenty of time."

After listening to Xie Limo's explanation, Yun Bixue felt her heart settle down. As long as Xie Limo was by her side, it felt as though every issue would be solved, and they would be dealt with so systematically.

After breakfast, Xie Shiyi led her team as they began massaging, dressing, and putting makeup on Yun Bixue.

When the final touches had been completed, Yun Bixue looked at herself in the mirror. She was in disbeliefwas this person her? Even she herself felt stunned. She had to acknowledge that the skills of Xie Shiyi's team were truly too advanced.

When Yun Bixue left the room, she saw Xie Limo waiting on the couch. She said softly, "Limo."

Xie Limo heard her voice and abruptly raised his head. His alluring eyes lit up with astonishment.