Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1170

Chapter 1170 The An Family And Their Dogs Are Not Allowed To Come In

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Although Yun Bilu had been studying overseas all along, she still remembered that it was the An family who had caused the Yun family to go bankrupt, leaving them with no money to pay for Grandfathers hospital bills.

Although her sister did not tell her back then, she learned of everything when she returned afterwards. She even asked someone to send her a photo of An Yexuan. She wanted to remember the face of their nemesis.

She did not expect to actually see him today. When enemies came face to face, their eyes would be ablaze with hate. Yun Bilu swiftly retracted her arm from An Yexuans grasp.

She took a step back before she jumped and turned, kicking out both legs at a vertical slant as she aimed for An Yexuans head.

The reason why An Yexuan came here was because someone called him and asked him to come and protect Xu Miaodan.

As long as it was a request from that person, he had no reason to reject it. Once he was here, he saw someone trying to hit Xu Miaodans face, so he naturally could not just stand and watch from the sidelines.

However, he did not expect that it would incite such fury.

"Im going to kill you!"

As An Yexuan did not expect Yun Bilu to attack him, he did not react immediately and only managed to avoid her kick narrowly. Despite his dodge, however, his face had still been kicked by Yun Bilus feet.


Everyone at the scene exclaimed in astonishment. Yun Bilus move was truly an authentic martial arts skill.

Everyone at the scene could not react in time. Some people admired them, while some feared them. None of them expected the Second Miss of the Yun family to be so skilled in martial arts.

With that one leap, she could actually jump so high. It was truly incredulous.

As the next heir to the An family, Young Master Ans skills were not too bad either. However, Yun Bilu actually managed to kick him. It was too unthinkable.

"The Second Miss of the Yun family is not one to be messed with!"

"Look at those moves. People who practice martial arts can all tell that shes skillful