Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1172

Chapter 1172 Real Or Fake?

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When Old Lady Shen heard Xu Miaodans reminder, she reacted and immediately said, Thats fake. Dont believe her, everyone. The Old Master is gone now. She can forge reports in anyway that she wants. Its fake.

When faced with Old Lady Shens denial, Yun Bixue continued to snicker as she said, This is recorded in the hospital and bears my Grandfathers signature. Do you really think I can forge this?

The Old Master is gone now. You can say it however you want, and no one will be able to refute you. Even if you didnt use Old Masters blood to do the test in the hospital, no one will be able to say anything either.

When her elder sister took out the report, Yun Bilu was stunned as well. She never knew there was such a thing. She never knew that her uncle, Yun Muzhong, was not Grandfathers real son.

Yun Bilu was a little stunned and did not react immediately. No wonder Grandfather did not care about her uncle, Yun Muzhong. He treated him neither nicely nor badly. No wonder Grandfather only focused on her and her elder sister.

So this was it!

When Yun Bilu turned to look at Old Lady Shen again, she felt utterly disgusted. This old woman actually treated Grandfather in such a manner and even reigned and wielded so much power in the Yun family for so many years.

She hated that she could not just send a flying kick out at Old Lady Shen. Letting her stay here was as good as polluting the air around them.

Yun Bilu really felt like striking out, but Yun Bixue held onto her hand all this while, so she understood that she must not act rashly. Her elder sister did not want her to act recklessly, so she would keep her silence for the time being.

Seeing that Old Lady Shen continued denying, a cold and dangerous glint flashed across her eyes. Since Old Lady Shen refuses to admit until she is faced with the grim reality of things, play the video now!

Once Yun Bixue said her order, a few secret guards went to make the arrangements.

Old Lady Shens expression changed when she heard that. She said to An Yexuan beside her, Quick, we cannot let her play that video!

An Yexuan threw a glance at the bodyguards behind him to let them ruin things secretly.

However, before his men could even move, they had already been surrounded by several men of sacrifice of the Yun family.

Yun Dong said in disdain, Great Young Master An, if you want to lay down your life here, I, Yun Dong will gladly accompany you.

Seeing her stance and the dark glow in her eyes, he realized he had been careless. He did not expect that the Yun family would dare to stop and offend his An family, even if they had to risk everything they had.

Do you guys really want to offend the An family?

Yun Dong crossed her arms and glanced askance at An Yexuan, saying in a condescending tone, You, great Young Master An, are really shameless. Who do you think you are? You really want to interfere with our Yun familys matters by throwing the An familys weight around. Youre really disgusting. Blurgh! Looking at you makes me want to puke.

Yun Dong had already made up her mind. As long as An Yexuan continued to make a scene and cause trouble, even if she had to lay her life down here, she would definitely cripple An Yexuan.

Xu Miaodan widened her eyes as she stared at Yun Dong. Xiao Dong, you You It was only after Yun Dong left and kidnapped Lin Xi that she knew that the former was someone Yun Bixue had sent to stay by her side. However, she did not expect that she was actually one of the men of sacrifice of the Yun family. This outfit almost made her unrecognizable.

Yun Dong stared at Xu Miaodan and said, Miss Xu, oh, wait, some Old Masters lover, Xu Miaodan, if you didnt think of dealing with my First Miss right from the start, I wouldnt have come to your side to gain your trust.

You did this on purpose. You guys are so wicked! Ahh! Xu Miaodan was about to go crazy from anger. Yun Dong knew a lot of her secrets.

Miss Xu, dont forget that you wanted to send someone to spy on our First Miss at the start. You were the one who bribed people to betray our First Miss. Im only paying you back in your own coin.

Xu Miaodan became so angry that she started coughing. Her face flushed red in fury.

Right at this moment, the projector on the wall was turned on.