Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1173

Chapter 1173 Shamelessness Is Unrivaled

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There were a few videos shown on the screen. One of them was a video that recorded Old Master Yun and Old Lady Shens conversation.

You knew that he isnt your son long ago? So you knew long ago, no wonder you treated him so coldly You only have that other son in your eyes. Haha What a pity that hes no longer around It was me at first Actually, they only had epitaphs erected. You werent at home anyway, so I handled it myself. You only cared about your own misery and knew nothing

The video clearly showed the conversation between Old Lady Shen and Old Master Yun. Every word and sentence could be clearly heard. The people present at the scene were not fools. They could see everything for themselves.

Old Lady Shen roared crazily. She hollered, No, this is fake! Its fake! Thats not even my voice. You made this all up You found an imposter to act as me

Old Lady Shen tried to make a last effort to deny everythingto make people doubt it.

She did not expect Yun Bixue to actually have this.

Yun Bixue swept her gaze across the crowd coldly. She was no longer the Yun Bixue from before. She would now make preparations for all kinds of situations and form immaculate plans.

These were only stored in case they were needed. She did not expect that these would all be put into use.

Everyone stared at her now. She was like a queen who reigned above all and controlled everything in her hands, looking down from above. She was full of charisma, as though she could maneuver any kind of situation with ease.

Yun Bixue threw a glance at one of her men beside her. Someone immediately dragged the unrecognizable Yun Mengshi out.

Yun Bixue calmly said, I believe there are reporters here as well. Its fine, you guys are free to report whatever I will say next. This person beside me is Yun Mengshi. She had been the fake Miss of the Yun family for so many years and ended up plotting with others to harm my grandfather. She said that once Old Master Yun is gone, no one would be able to reveal the fact that she is not a Miss of the Yun family. Haha! What a naive girl. Do you guys know why she is so afraid of people exposing her identity? Its because shes also the famous star, Lin Xi


This This

So thats what it is

What a shocking reveal Who would believe it?

Theres actually such a thing in the Yun family. This Old Lady Shen is really shameless to the core!

How thick-skinned she is. She actually had the nerve to show up here. Shes just here to snatch the family assets of the Yun family and bully the two ladies.

I feel like going up to give her a few slaps just from looking at this.

Hearing the disapproving whispers and chatter around her, Old Lady Shens face changed from green, red, and to white. It was a sight to behold.

An Yexuans face turned pale as well. He stared grimly at this scene with his eyes opened wide. He actually did not know about this, and even came here and jumped into this mess.

Even if An Yexuan wanted to retreat now, it was too late.

Yun Bixue stared at him with hatred in her eyes as she said, Young Master An of the An family came here today to air grievances for Old Lady Shen. I believe Young Master An thinks Old Lady Shen is right. If Young Master Ans woman makes him a cuckold like this next time, Young Master An would think its right too. Everyone better remember this!

Yun Bixues words showed an open disdain and mockery of An Yexuans male ego.

An Yexuans heart was flaming with rage, yet he could not rebut her at all.

He had indeed been asked to come and help Xu Miaodan. However, he never expected the tables to be turned around completely.

He even suspected whether Chu Feier knew about all of these. If she did, would she still ask him to come?

Yun Bixue continued saying to Old Lady Shen, Old Lady Shen, you better not faint now. Theres another video later that you should watch carefully. You overestimated yourself and tried to challenge the Yun family, so Ill let you have a taste of death now.

The moment Yun Bixue said this, everyone started guessing to themselves what other more explosive news there could be. How exactly was it related to Old Lady Shen?

Everyone could not help but think that Old Lady Shens shamelessness was really unrivaled in this world!