Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1174

Chapter 1174 Old Lady Shens Miserable Cries

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Old Lady Shen knew that things were going south, so she immediately clutched her chest and said, I cant breathe. Quick, quick. Send me to the hospital.

Yun Bixue threw a glance, and the men of sacrifice from the Yun family immediately went up to Old Lady Shen and gave a hard pat on the area where her heart was.

Cough cough pfft pfft Old Lady Shen felt that her heart was about to be smacked out of her chest.

She immediately lashed out and screamed, What are you doing? You are trying to kill an old lady right here. Murderer, murder

This was Old Lady Shens instinctive reaction. However, now that everyone knew what kind of a person she was, no one pitied or sympathized with her now.

Yun Bixue said in a cold and disdainful voice, Old Lady Shen, isnt your heart perfectly fine? If your sickness acts up again, we wont treat you with such a simple method anymore.

Yun Bixues words were laced with thick menace and threat, making Old Lady Shen tremble involuntarily.

At the same time, Yun Mengshi, who was pinned to the ground, trembled on the spot as well. She was drenched in cold sweat from fear. Her head was spinning, feeling as though she was about to develop a mental illness. She had suffered all sorts of blows and attacks from Yun Bixue every day. She regretted everything now. She never knew that Yun Bixue could be so terrifying.

At that moment, Yun Mengshi did not dare to say a word either. Knowing what Yun Bixue was capable of now, so she naturally did not dare to act recklessly.

Right then, the video started playing through the projector, which was displayed against the wall. It was Yun Muzhong.

When she saw Yun Muzhong, Old Lady Shens eyes widened instantly. It was a lie to say that she did not miss her son. He was her own flesh and blood. Everything she did was for Yun Muzhong.

However, she had not seen her son in a really, really long time. Seeing Yun Muzhong on the projector now, she hated that she could not just stand up from her wheelchair and go and touch his face.

Old Lady Shen reached her hand out subconsciously, staring blankly at his image without batting her eyes.

The video recorded a monologue from Yun Muzhong. He said very calmly, Once I heard my mother and fa No, Old Master Yuns conversation. I realized that I wasnt Old Master Yuns flesh and blood and finally understood why he had been so cold towards me. I used to think that it was because I was stupid and useless, which disappointed him. Afterwards, when I learned of the truth, I dont hate or blame him. As a man, I can understand Old Master Yun. He treated me with extreme benevolence. As for my mother, whom you all call Old Lady Shen, I dont want to see her. I cannot forgive her actions, but I dont hate her either. I lived my life according to her wishes for the past forty years or so. From now on, I only want to live for myself and live my life earnestly. Please understand my wishes. Lets not bother with each other anymore!

That short monologue was enough to make Old Lady Shen burst into tears. Son, my son I did you wrong, Mum is wrong My son, come back and see your mum Come back and see mum for a while I miss you. I did this all for your good. Its all for your good

Old Lady Shen cried really miserably.

Her cries did not sound fake. Everyone at the scene could not help but sigh. No matter how evil Old Lady Shen was, a tiger would not devour its cub. She might have felt that it was all for her sons good, but she did not realize that all the things she did would have conversely harmed him.

Yun Muzhong had a woman and child by his side now. He was living a simple life, which he felt was very natural.

Lee Rourou, whom Yun Bixue had once asked someone to seduce Yun Muzhong, had really borne a child for him. She followed Yun Muzhong to lead a simple and peaceful life. She was very grateful to Yun Bixue and did not feel like it was hard on her at all.

Yun Muzhong treated Lee Rourou really well and really doted on her. Her life now was much better than her modeling days when she had to work so hard.