Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1176

Chapter 1176 Black Hearted Eldest Miss Yun

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In her last punch, Yun Bilu delivered it solidly to An Yexuans nose, making him stagger backwards.

He stared at Yun Bilu in disbelief. He knew his own skills, but he did not expect that he would not even be able to win against a twenty-year-old girl.

There were so many people watching them. He felt utterly disgraced.

Young Master An, your nose

Someone had exclaimed in shock, and when An Yexuan touched his nose, he realized that his nose was actually bleeding. His face became swollen and red as well.

The reason why Yun Bilu could win was because she fought with all her life. She was risking her life in this fight, while An Yexuan fought conservatively. That was why she won.

Yun Bilu felt immense gratitude towards her coach. The moves that he taught her were really useful.

Yun Bilu was thankful that she had always worked hard. Back then, when she was training, she did not know if she would be able to put her skills to good use. Now that she had really used these skills, she was grateful that she had put in so much effort and worked so hard for it.

This was exactly how Yun Bilu felt right now.

In the end, An Yexuan did not manage to glean any advantages from them and could only leave in disgrace under the eyes of many.

When Xu Miaodan wanted to leave, Yun Bixue extended her leg and tripped her, making her fall down the steps.

Ahh Ahh Save me While she was tumbling down, blood streamed down from her face, making her face unrecognizable.

Yun Bixue smoothed her clothes and said, Oh my. Miss Xu is so careless. How can you be so careless even when walking? Yun Dong, send her to the hospital. Although she wanted to play dirty tricks on the Yun family, the Yun family had always treated our guests warmly. We cant just leave her in the lurch.

Yes, First Miss.

Yun Dong immediately went up and dragged Xu Miaodan away, leaving a long trail of blood in their path.

Many people from Ning An City watched and could not help but shudder at the sight. The reason why Miss Xu tumbled down just now was because of the eldest Miss Yun!

However, she still maintained the look of a kind and sympathetic person, making one unable to spit out blood even if one wanted to.

They never knew that the eldest Miss Yun was so black-hearted. They had seen many black-hearted people before, but they had never seen someone as black-hearted as her.

Even the hands of the reporters trembled as they held their cameras. They had to publish their reports carefully. Even if they offended the An family, they should never offend the Yun family.

Within a day, the news regarding the Yun, Shen, Xu, and An families were reported once again.

This time, the reporters did not dare to report much on the Yun familys matters. They only briefly described the funeral service of Old Master Yun and his burial, as well as the disturbances caused by Miss Xu, An Yexuan, and Old Lady Shens scandal.

Yun Mengshi was dragged right out to the fore in the news. Everything about her was reported clearly and in so much detail that the words that she had once said were revealed too.

The newspapers were thick with news on Yun Mengshi. Her story of how she became the female celebrity Lin Xi was also reported.

Within a short time, the whole Country A was filled with news of Lin Xis scandals.

Qiao Muwan used half a year to groom her into a celebrity, but Yun Bixue used a short span of a few days to banish Yun Mengshi into the depths of the abyss.

Due to Yun Mengshis scandal, Qiao Muwan had also been dragged out into the spotlight. Even though she was in Country F now, she had also been reported in the news.

News of Lin Xi and Qiao Muwan all appeared on news sites in the capital.

The news and media outlets all reported Yun Mengshis personal confession that Qiao Muwan was the one who forced her to harm the Yun family in this manner.

This series of events could be said to have caught everyone completely off guard.

Although the news did not mention that Qiao Muwan was Chu Feier, the news now had already dumped a stinking reputation on Qiao Muwan even before she appeared.