Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1177

Chapter 1177 A Plan In Mind

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After everything had been settled, the two sisters sat on the sofa to watch the news.

Yun Bixue made a pot of tea for Yun Bilu and prepared some dimsum for her. She said, You have been tired for the past couple of days. Youre the only kin I have now. You must take good care of yourself.

Elder Sister, youve lost a lot of weight. My heart aches for you. Seeing how sharp her elder sisters chin was, Yun Bilus eyes started reddening.

Yun Bixue hugged Yun Bilu and caressed her head as she said, Silly girl. Elder Sister will live on for you.

Elder Sister, you promised me this. I only have a home with you around. You still have Elder Brother-in-law, and he loves you so much. If he knew about this, his heart would surely ache a lot. She did feel a little resentful that her brother-in-law was not present at her grandfathers funeral. However, she did not blame him. No one would have expected this to happen. Furthermore, her brother-in-law was still in Gui County, and it was not known whether he was alive or not.

Hence, her heart ached for her elder sister.

Thinking of Xie Limo, Yun Bixues heart clenched at once as she said, I know. I will wait for him to return.

She had been busy with her grandfathers matters and the Yun family these days, so she really had no energy left to consider other things.

Seeing how the news was full of Yun Mengshis scandals, Yun Bilu clenched her fists and said, This feels so good. Lets see whether she can still rejoice after this.

Actually, Yun Bilu was still steeped in grief deep down. She would hide in her bedroom and cry secretly in the middle of the night. However, in front of her elder sister, she would make herself seem a little more lively to make her elder sister feel a little less grievous.

Seeing the news reports of Qiao Muwan on TV, Yun Bilu asked angrily, Elder Sister, why didnt you just let the reporters say that she is the evil-minded Chu Feier?

A cold glint flashed across Yun Bixues eyes as she told Yun Bilu, Bilu, Chu Feier underwent plastic surgery to become Qiao Muwan. Who would believe that shes actually Chu Feier?

Yun Bilu widened her eyes and blinked as she said, Elder Sister, do you have other plans? What do you mean by this?

Doesnt An Yexuan love Chu Feier? With just one word from Chu Feier, he would be happy to even climb a sword of mountains or plunge into a sea of flames for her. In that case, we can create a Chu Feier of our own.

A glimmer of light flashed in Yun Bilus eyes when she heard her elder sisters words. Elder Sister, youre so smart. As your younger sister, I really admire you. Yeah, we can create a plastic Chu Feier and send her to An Yexuans side. She can surely help us attack the An family and uproot them from power.

Yun Bixue nodded. Youre the only one who knows this, so keep this to yourself. Leave this matter to me. I will arrange for someone to send you to Country E tomorrow morning.

No, I dont want to. Elder Sister, I want to stay by your side. If I go back to Country E, what will you do?

Yun Bixue caressed her younger sisters head and said, Be good, okay? You must listen to Elder Sister this time. Im sending you back to school because I want you to study hard and grow up well. If you dont go back, wont your hard work and effort all these years go to waste?

Yun Bilu bit her lip as she pouted. Her eyes had reddened as she struggled to hold her tears in.

Be good. I can only be assured when you go back to study hard. If you stay by my side, I will feel restricted in my actions instead.

Elder Sister, is it because Im still not strong enough?

Yeah, so you must work hard and go back to Country E. Study hard in school, so you can make Elder Sister proud. Yun Bixue was willing to say this if it could make her younger sister listen to her.

After sending off Yun Bilu the next day, Yun Bixue gathered all the men of sacrifice in the old Yun familys mansion. She picked thirty people and held a top-secret meeting with them.

Right after that, she arranged for all other matters in the Yun family before bringing these thirty men of sacrifice with her to the capital.