Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1178

Chapter 1178 Targeting An Yexuan

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Yun Bixue bought a villa on the outskirts of the capital and built separate rooms in it for these thirty men of sacrifice.

Their assigned mission was to bribe all the people they could make use of. As much as they could, they had to bribe several people from the noble families to turn them into their side. They also went all around to find people whom they could trust and use and place them in various locations.

At this point, she began to expand her influence and power. In the past, she felt that she could not trust or use anyone who was not a men of sacrifice from the Yun family. However, she only realized now that she should cast her net far and wide. There would definitely come a time when she would find these people useful.

Since Yun Bixue wanted to deal with the An family, she would have to make foolproof preparations.

The An family had once again been thrown to the center of public attention and discussion because of An Yexuan. Furthermore, the news that the next heir to the An family could not even win against a twenty-year-old lady had completely thrown An Yexuans reputation downhill.

When An Yexuan returned home, the voices of dissent towards him grew even stronger and louder.

To secure his position in the An family, An Yexuan had even more work to do this time. Due to stress, coupled with his busy schedule, he developed a mouth full of ulcers.

An Yexuan could not understand why his life was in such a mess now either.

Yun Bixue brought two secret guards with her to the Elite Tower. This time, she wanted to find a woman.

It was that woman they sent to An Yexuans bed at the Elite Tower previously.

However, after one round of searching, they still could not find her. She started to let someone find her based on the leads they could find.

At last, they found this woman in a beggars hideout.

Yun Bixue let her men of sacrifice bring her out. She looked down on her and asked, So youre Ding Wener?

Ah, ah, I want food. Food. Ahh Nice, nice

Yun Bixue knitted her brows and said, You dont have to act dumb and crazy now. I know An Yexuan wants you dead, but youre quite smart too. As long as you listen to me, I can give you a huge amount of money to enjoy life overseas. You can also change your name and lead a normal life.

Nice, nice Ah Dont snatch my food

Yun Bixue continued coldly, Ding Wener, you better listen properly. I will give you a minute to consider. Do you want to listen to me, or do you want to continue acting mad here? Of course, even if you continue acting mad like this, An Yexuan will still find you someday. If he wants you dead then, you wont have any choice left.

Ding Wener stopped her pretense. She clambered to her feet and looked up at Yun Bixue as she said, Why should I believe you?

An Yexuan is my enemy. You have no choice but to believe me. Also, this is a check for a hundred thousand dollars. Im giving this to you in advance. Once you complete the mission, I will give you ten million.

Seeing the check before her and looking at this woman who radiated a cold and callous charm, Ding Wener could not help but believe her words. She did not want to live her life acting dumb and crazy just to avoid the An familys murderous pursuit.

Yun Bixue let Ding Wener find a reporter herself and bring the photo back then as evidence to speak out and say that it was An Yexuan who went up to her first. After the incident, he was afraid that people would find out, so he wanted to silence her.

Yun Bixue also tasked someone to find partial evidence of An Yexuan trying to kill Ding Wener. Although these things could not kill An Yexuan, it would at least deliver a huge blow to him and throw him in the perils of public fury and discussion. After that, it would not be easy for him to rebuild his reputation.

In Country F

Qiao Muwan was still unaware of the news in Country A. She was still gloating over how her plan this time worked out well and made Yun Bixue suffer.

However, just when she was enjoying her meal in delight, the owner of the villa came back. He was donned in all black and immediately flipped the dining table. He grabbed Qiao Muwan at once and pinned her to the floor, pressing hard on her chin as he said, Qiao Muwan, youre getting more and more daring now.