Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1179

Chapter 1179 Qiao Muwan

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When she saw this person, Qiao Muwan was so scared that she started trembling in fear.

No, I have always been in the house

The man traced his slender finger along Qiao Muwans lips as he said in a voice as cold as ice, Have you not seen the news in Country A? Your hands are reaching so far and wide. When did you go to Country A behind my back, huh?

The man exerted his strength on his hand and almost snapped Qiao Muwans chin.

Qiao Muwan did not know why this person came. He had obviously not been home for most years, and her tracks had always been concealed perfectly. How did he find out?

Qiao Muwan was stunned and fearful for a moment. She could not find any reason to answer him.

The man gripped her neck in a swift motion and strangled her hard. Looks like I saved you for nothing. Since I saved you, I shall send you off as well.

Qiao Muwan shook her head profusely as she choked out, No, no. I didnt

What didnt you do?

I didnt go to Country A behind your back. Qiao Muwan felt that she must definitely deny to the very end. She could not die. She managed to live on against all odds. She could not die just like this.

Qiao Muwan treasured her life very much. However, she was so terrified that she was shaking all over.

She knew that this person could kill her easily if he wanted to. She had to listen to him in order to live.

The man asked coldly, Oh? Then whats up with all those news? As he said that, the man slammed a phone on Qiao Muwans face.

Qiao Muwans face had been hit so hard that a bruise appeared. She did not even dare to let out a sound of a whimper. When she cautiously browsed through the contents on the phone, her eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets.

She was so stunned that her body froze on the spot. She gripped tightly on the phone as she stammered, This How can this be? Its all fake

She did not expect that grooming Yun Mengshi to deal with Yun Bixue would actually turn into a sharp knife for the latter, and that knife had stabbed her in the back.

Her face was tensed and stiff. A vicious, menacing glint flashed across her eyes. Yun Bixue! Yun Bixue! Could it be that she knew her identity? No, how could she know? If she knew, she would have long used this chance for the reporters to expose her.

It seemed like she could not make an appearance for the time being. Moreover, she could no longer contact the people over in Country A. She had to hide. This was the only way for the news and discussions about her to die down.

The man pinched Qiao Muwans ear and lifted her up like that. Hmm? Its fake? So youre saying that what I see is all fake?

Qiao Muwan immediately fell to the floor on her knees as she said, Please spare my life, my benefactor. I will definitely listen to you next time and stay by your side Its all my fault This person was brought to the company by a subordinate. I just took pity on her. I didnt expect this to happen

Qiao Muwan got down on her knees to beg and even kowtowed. At the moment, she could not care about anything else other than to survive.

She knew how vicious this man was. When he was happy, he would gladly follow your wishes. However, if he was unhappy, he could even kill a person in an instant.

Seeing Qiao Muwans reaction and remorse, the man was quite satisfied. He gently extended his hand and patted her pants as he said, Look, your knees must hurt. Come, follow me. Ill treat the wound on your head.

Qiao Muwan could only let him tend to her wound in fear and trepidation. Staying beside a person like him made her heart become even more twisted than it already was.

As the news spread like wildfire, everyone forgot about the situation in Gui County. They started to focus on the news revolving around Lin Xi.

Although everyone forgot about Gui County, no matter how tired or busy Yun Bixue was, she would still wait for a call and watch the news. However, Xie Limos call never came.

She could not contact Xie Limo either.

Just as she was reaching her peak of anxiety and worry, all the rescuers from Gui County came back. Yun Bixue also rushed to the airport excitedly to welcome them.