Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1180

Chapter 1180 Panic

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Yun Bixues hands were trembling as she drove. It trembled out of happiness and agitation. She could finally see her husband again.

This was a moment of release for the long period of coldness and suppression she had been feeling.

Tears streamed down from Yun Bixues eyes, blurring her vision.

She had been so uptight and worried all day long. She really, really wanted to see him, but she did not know whether he was doing well.

It was really great that the people from Gui County had finally returned.

While she was driving this time, Yun Bixue exceeded the speed limit. However, the traffic police could only sigh and close one eye when he saw that. This was the same car and same woman who exceeded the speed limit previously.

However, she had a strong backer behind her. Their leader had already passed down their orders to pretend that they did not see this for the time being.

Yun Bixue did not even know what she would say when she saw Xie Limo. She simply missed him too much. She had been shouldering everything by herself resiliently all this while.

Indeed, a persons loneliness was a very, very cold feeling.

Before she met Xie Limo, she did not experience such loneliness. However, after meeting him and having to live alone after that made her feel lost and desolate, as though she had no one to depend on anymore. It was a really painful feeling.

Furthermore, her grandfather was now gone, and her younger sister was still studying overseas. He was the only one she had left.

Sometimes, when she was tired and could not hold it in anymore, she really felt like talking to him. She missed leaning in his arms and feeling his warmth. But as long as he was not around, she could have none of that.

However, things would be fine as long as he came back. As long as he came back, she could be reassured.

Or else, she would not be able to sleep for the whole night.

Yun Bixues vision turned blurry. She took out a few tissues to wipe her tears away. When she reached the airport, she saw that there were some reporters there, and many people had gathered as well.

She parked her car and rubbed her eyes hard. She took out a small mirror and tidied her appearance. She did not want Xie Limo to see her in such a pathetic state. She wanted to greet him beautifully.

Once the plane landed, many rescuers streamed out, and their families all rushed up to hug them. Some sobbed while some chatted with each other

Yun Bixue smiled and waited expectantly, hoping to see Xie Limo.

However, she waited and waited. The smile on her face almost cramped, but she still did not see any sign of him.

She felt that she did not see it wrongly. Xie Limo was really not there. If he were, she would definitely spot him among the crowd at once.

The expression on Yun Bixues face changed from happiness to that of panic. No Her husband must definitely have returned already. She might have been too tired, thats why she had not looked around properly.

Yun Bixue stood on the spot like a statue and waited. She waited and waited, until all the people who returned gradually left with their families, and until the plane almost closed their doors.

Yun Bixue suddenly panicked, feeling lost as she ran up to someone who just returned. She asked loudly, Why isnt Xie Limo here? Why isnt he here Didnt he come together with you all?

Seeing such a flustered woman and after confirming the name, the person finally replied, Dont panic first. Theres no one called Xie Limo in our team. Did you get the name wrong?

Yun Bixue clutched the sleeves of this person tightly as she replied, It cant be. He went to Gui County with you all. Didnt they say that a lot of villages were obstructed by thick layers of snow? He went there.

Seeing how Yun Bixue was behaving, the person could understand how she felt as a family member. I really dont know about this. We were split into several teams to carry out the rescue mission.

An auntie stared at Yun Bixue and was reminded of the pain and fear that she went through during this period. She advised her, saying, Young miss, why dont you try asking the team leader? They have a name list over there. To put it bluntly, some people have been sacrificed in the rescue mission this time.