Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1182

Chapter 1182 His Girl Became Thinner

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Yun Bixue felt a little empty-headed. She walked off dejectedly, with a melancholic and desolate aura emanating from her back view.

It was as if she was the only person in this world, lost with no direction in life.

Yun Bixue felt really bleak and lonely. Her head was throbbing as well. Ever since her grandfather passed away, she had not had a good nights sleep.

Seeing Yun Bixue in this state, Wang Qianjin had a weird feeling in his heart as well. His intoxicating eyes flickered as he said to her, Are you going to leave just like this?

Yun Bixue replied without turning back, No. I plan to go to Gui County myself.

Youre courting your own death, do you know that?

Although the rescuers had all returned, and the people there had settled down, going to those villages meant that there was a high risk of being buried under the snow at any time. Furthermore, the mountain roads were flanked by sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces. One could easily slip and fall downwards if one was not careful.

If a mere woman like Yun Bixue were to go there, she would simply be courting her own death in Wang Qianjins eyes.

Wang Qianjin, you wont understand. Even if Im courting death, I will still go to Gui County. If she continued waiting like this, she would torture herself to death. Furthermore, even if she died, she wanted to find Xie Limo first.

Wang Qianjin felt that he really should not have seen this woman. She always ruined his plans and made him react in ways that were beyond his imagination.

He yelled as his head throbbed in pain, Yun Bixue, Ill accompany you to Gui County!

Yun Bixue finally stopped in her tracks and turned back to look at Wang Qianjin in bewilderment.

Didnt you want to go with the National Charity Congress previously? Why are you doubting me now that I want to bring you there?

Its not that I dont believe you. I just feel like, how could you be so nice?

Wang Qianjin looked down and glanced at himself. Does he really look so untrustworthy? Didnt I save you before? You can decide for yourself whether Im nice or not!

Yun Bixue only wanted to find her husband, Mr. Xie. She had to find him no matter what. Even though Wang Qianjin should be more familiar with Gui County, she would not just let anyone accompany her. She did not want to have any contact with any man other than Xie Limo. Otherwise, she felt that she was probably developing an illness.

In a certain location

Huang Yize looked through his subordinates report and knew that Yun Bilu had already returned to school. However, the reports were all about how she was being completely off and was not as lively as she had been before.

A strong, depressive mood emanated from Yun Bilu. Be it in her studies or martial arts training, she started to work even harder than before.

She was treating herself like a machine and never stopped to rest.

She only slept for four hours every day.

Even her three roommates in the dorm almost did not see Yun Bilu at all.

Yun Bilu would wake up at four in the morning and read her books along the corridor. Once the dormitory doors were opened, she would go out to train and practice her martial arts. She would go and attend her classes when it was time to do so. Even on her way to class, she would also be holding a small piece of paper, trying to memorize something as she referred back to her notes.

She also expanded the scale of her caf business and continued opening branches in various locations.

Seeing how thin yet energetic Yun Bilu had become, her sisters in her martial arts class all felt their hearts ache for her. They asked her what was wrong, but she refused to tell them.

However, everyone was helping her secretly. They knew that she was the one running the cafs and decided to help her. These ladies did not come from humble backgrounds. They were all from various noble families across various countries. They all asked their families for help in secret. Hence, Yun Bilu managed to open branch after branch of cafs successfully. When she went to the various departments to register her branches, the efficiency of the administrative work at these departments were all exceptionally fast as well.

However, when Huang Yize read all of this, his heart began to clench in pain. He rubbed his brows and felt that this girl was really worrying him.

He did not know what to do with her himself. No matter how he stared at the photos taken of her recently, he simply felt that his girl became thinner.