Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1184

Chapter 1184 I Wont Forget You Even If I Forget Everything Else

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Huang Yize paused in his steps. A cold, piercing glint flashed across his perfect face as he said, Do something bad to her, huh?

Zuo Yi felt that every time he mentioned Miss Yun Bilus matters, his heart would have to withstand a lot of pressure while he was talking to Young Master.

Yes. Your subordinate asks that Young Master reconsider this!

Zuo Yi, youve been by my side for so many years. Do you still not understand that my father and I are the ones with the final say in the Black Dragon Gang? When did my love life become the subject of contention?

Zuo Yi lowered his head even as he said, Your subordinate doesnt dare, but Young Master, you must think about your own safety. The Black Dragon Gang cannot be separated from Young Master. Miss Yun Bilu is also working hard to become stronger. I believe she is also worried for Young Masters safety.

Huang Yize gave a small sigh as he rubbed his forehead. Prepare the flight. I will come back before seven to hold the meeting according to schedule.

Young Master

Zuo Yi, when did you become so wishy-washy? Or do you have nothing better to do now?

Zuo Yi had no choice. He knew that Young Master would not change his mind once he had decided on something. He could only arrange for more men to protect Young Master and try their best to prevent the enemy from discovering Young Masters tracks.

By the time Huang Yize reached Noel Harlem University using the private jet, it was already five in the morning.

Yun Bilu was doing a split along the corridor while reading a book, looking really focused.

Huang Yize stood downstairs at Yun Bilus dorm. He saw that the lights above were not on yet and was all dark. As it was turning to winter soon, the sky was really dark.

Huang Yize stood there, recalling the scenes where he came to fetch or send her back. Her clear, radiant smile and bubbly voice still resonated in his ears, as though nothing ever changed.

Even if he did not see her, standing there made him feel as though the two of them were really close together.

Huang Yize wanted to see her, but he was afraid of disturbing her. She may not have slept well

Just as he stood downstairs quietly, Huang Yize remembered that the report mentioned how Yun Bilu would wake up at four in the morning to read books and practice martial arts.

He rubbed his brows. He had been so worried about her that he forgot about this point.

When Huang Yize called Yun Bilu, he could not believe that he was actually feeling nervous. It was such a strange yet wonderful feeling.

Ever since her grandfather passed away, Yun Bilus phone never left her side as she was worried about her elder sister. This would be convenient for her to contact her elder sister at any time and prepare to fly back to be with her.

She pressed down on her leg and was about to change to the other leg when her phone rang. She immediately picked up the call and answered, Hello!

Bilu, its me!

Hearing that voice that she had not heard in a long time, Yun Bilu felt as if a hammer had knocked on her heart. This familiar, gentle, and dream-like voice almost made her burst into tears.

However, Yun Bilu was a strong girl. She feigned a casual tone and replied, Great Young Master Huang, why did you have the time to call me now? I almost thought you forgot about me!

Yun Bilus feigned casualness made Huang Yizes heart clench even harder.

Thinking of how she had to go through everything on her own during this period, Huang Yize was no longer stingy with his heartfelt words. I wont forget you even if I forget everything else.

With these words, Yun Bilu felt like all the dark and gloomy days she had been through during this period disappeared all at once. She was just thiseasily pleased and satisfied.

I didnt forget you either. I did listen to your words, okay? I worked really hard.

Huang Yize felt his heart ache so much for her, but he still could not help teasing her as he said, You mean youre working hard to see if there are other people whom you like?

Yun Bilu puffed her cheeks and said, You know that I wont like other people. Its always been your fault. You dont even have a conscience and dont even call me to ask about me.