Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1185

Chapter 1185 Reunited After A Long Time

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It was rare that Huang Yize changed his usual cold demeanor to warm as he said, "Yeah, its my fault. I have no conscience. Im downstairs at your dorm now. Do you want to see me?"

"Ah!" Yun Bilu exclaimed in shock. She even suspected that she had heard wrongly.

What did she just hear? Huang Yize came? He came back to school? She was not dreaming, right?

"Silly girl, why are you so shocked?"

"Huang Yize, youre not joking, right? You better not!" She was mainly too surprised. She did not even have time to digest this news as her heart began racing madly. She even suspected that she was dreaming.

Sensing the disbelief in Yun Bilus voice, Huang Yize felt even more reproachful. "You will know once you come down and see!"

Yun Bilu threw her book aside and took her phone as she rushed downstairs.

She moved really fast and looked really excited and agitated. She only had one thought in her mind: He was back!

Nothing made her happier than this. It was as if the feelings she had suppressed in her heart for so long finally eased up.

She admitted that she missed him and that he was her mental pillar of support. Part of the reason why she was working hard was to be able to protect her elder sister better. The other part was to become stronger so that she would be good enough to go and find him and be with him.

Yun Bilu ran until she was panting heavily. Luckily, it was past five in the morning, so the dorm was already open.

Yun Bilu ran all the way down at once, panting heavily. The surprise and happiness on her face could not be suppressed.

However, she did not see anyone when she came downstairs. Yun Bilu was stunned. The happiness she felt in her heart immediately plummeted. She looked lost, as though she was a small animal that had been abandoned and lost her way. She looked a little fragile in that instant.

Huang Yize saw Yun Bilu frantically trying to find him. This sight of her knocked right into the softest part of his heart.

He lightly shouted, "Bilu, over here. Im right here!"

Yun Bilu heard Huang Yizes voice at once. Sh