Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1186

Chapter 1186 Skinny Beauty

Chapter 1186: Skinny Beauty
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Yun Bilu blinked and touched the skin under her eyes.

She felt a little troubled now. She wanted to see him that much that she had forgotten to wash up and do up herself a little. How embarrassing.

She felt that her image now must be really bad.

Seeing how troubled Yun Bilu was, Huang Yizes exhaustion dissipated as well. He felt really lighthearted now. This was how he felt whenever he was together with her. No matter how tired or how bad of a mood he was in, she would always be able to influence his mood positively and make him feel better.

Furthermore, he could feel a sense of warmth being beside this girl.

Huang Yize could not help planting a kiss on Yun Bilus head as he said, I lied to you. Youre still erm very cute.

This was the first time Huang Yize struggled so much to praise her. He felt unbearably awkward after saying that as well. He stared straight ahead, trying not to let Yun Bilu sense his discomfort.

Yun Bilu was really excited. Wow! Huang Yize, youre complimenting me now. Cute, hmm? I like it.

Alright, stop being so excited. Keep your voice down. The people in your dorm are still sleeping.

Yun Bilu nodded her head seriously as she said, Okay, okay. I get it. I will keep the volume down. When its just the two of us later, I can be loud again.

Huang Yize sighed lightly in his heart. He was defeated by her. This girl never knew what being reserved meant.

But he liked it. He liked how true to herself she was.

Huang Yize stared at Yun Bilu seriously and suddenly said, Girl, youve suffered quite a bit!

Yun Bilu blinked in confusion as she asked, Why do you say that? I dont think Ive suffered?

Three lines virtually appeared across Huang Yizes forehead. He had been defeated by her once again. He could not even utter sweet nothings to her.

You became thinner.

Thinner is better. Arent skinny beauties the trend now?

It will feel uncomfortable to hug you.

Yun Bilu said very seriously, Then Ill wear more clothes, so you wont feel uncomfortable.

Huang Yize almost suppressed his breath. No need. You should take better care of yourself. Eat more, and dont tire yourself out. Your body is your greatest capital, so dont force yourself too hard. Remember that youre a girl. You need protection. You can be weak.

Hearing Huang Yize instructing her like this, she asked, Huang Yize, are you staying for good after you come back?

Under Yun Bilus expectant gaze, Huang Yize really could not bring himself to say words of rejection. However, he could not lie to her either, so he said, Bilu, I only came back because I have some matters, so I came to see you as well. I still have to go back later. You must take good care of yourself so that I will be assured.

Yun Bilus face fell. She lowered her head as her emotions plummeted in that instant. However, she lifted her head up almost instantly and said, Dont worry, I will definitely be fine. You dont have to worry about anything.

Huang Yize pressed Yun Bilus head against his chest, where his heart was, as he sighed softly. Bilu, youre just a girl. I know about your grandfathers death. Its my fault. I wasnt by your side then. Just cry if you want to. I know you feel really terrible deep down. Girls can be fragile and cry.

Yun Bilu really did feel terrible and anguished deep down. She would only cry secretly in her own bed and would never cry in front of others.

But now, when she felt Huang Yizes care and love, the resilience in her heart reached a breaking point. However, she sniffed a little as she said, Its all in the past now. Everything will be fine. Grandfather will definitely want me and my elder sister to live a good life. Elder Sister is the one who really suffered more. If I cry too much, she will feel sad.