Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1187

Chapter 1187 So Mature That It Makes Ones Heart Ache

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Huang Yize caressed Yun Bilus eyes and said, What a silly girl. Why are you so mature?

He would rather that she cry it all out and cry in front of him. At least she could vent some of her emotions then. He was really afraid that if she kept putting up a strong front like this, she would snap just like a taut string someday.

I knew that crying wouldnt solve the problem since young, so I try my best not to cry. If I cry, the people I love will feel sad. If I smile, the people I love will feel a little better. Yun Bilu remembered that when she lost her parents when they were young, she had also cried out of fear before. Her elder sister would always hug her sadly and cry together with her whenever she did.

Later on, she realized that whenever she smiled, her elder sister would easily smile along with her. Even later on, she used her happiness and resilience to put up a strong front and become more mature. After that, her character became one of a tough tomboy. It was hard to reverse the change now.

Huang Yize patted Yun Bilus back and said, Actually, crying is a girls right. Girls are made of water, so you girls can cry all you want. Cry to release your pent up emotions. You will feel a little better after that.

Yun Bilu leaned in Huang Yizes embrace and pouted as she said, I know, thats why I only cry secretly when theres no one around.

Huang Yize felt as though his heart had been dug out. The heartache that emanated from the bottom of his heart could not be masked. He did not know what to say, much less how this girls maturity could make peoples heart ache so much for her.

Huang Yize pulled Yun Bilu away from him and lowered his head to kiss her eyelids as he said, You can cry in front of me now. I can be your pillar of support.

Yun Bilu patted Huang Yizes arm as she said, Huang Yize, if you feel sad next time, I can lend you a shoulder to cry as well. Although my arm is weak and thin, its better than having none at all, right? I know you will say things like a man wont shed tears so easily, but thats only because you havent been really sad before, right? I wont laugh at you when that time comes.

These words of hers made the originally somber atmosphere bubbly in an instant. Huang Yize could not help but smile at her.

Seeing that the usually calm and expressionless Huang Yize suddenly smiled, Yun Bilu said excitedly, Wow, you smiled. You smiled really obviously this time. You even showed your teeth now. Looks good Yun Bilu stared at Huang Yize in amazement. Wow, it was really too rare that he flashed his teeth in a smile.

Seeing how Yun Bilu was acting like this, the smile on Huang Yizes face faded a little. Enough. Im talking to you seriously. I know youre practicing martial arts now. You must take care of yourself. Also, dont trust guys easily. Its better to be safe than sorry.

Dont worry, I know what Im doing. The moment Yun Bilu said that, she seemed to realize something. She stared at Huang Yize seriously and said, Huang Yize, you cant be referring to a certain someone, right? Eh, are you jealous?

Three black lines appeared virtually on Huang Yizes forehead. In any case, just listen to me.

Yes, sir!

Seeing the teasing yet serious look on Yun Bilus face, Huang Yize lightly pinched her cheeks as he said, Also, eat more food. Dont think about losing weight.

Seeing how Yun Bilu did not seem to heed his words, Huang Yize struggled to think of something to say and ended up saying, Erm, I like chubby girls.

Chubby? Yun Bilu widened her eyes in disbelief. Huang Yize, do you have like, strong tastes? You really like chubby girls?

Huang Yize really felt like giving Yun Bilu a tight slap. Im referring to your previous weight. Youre too skinny now, so you need to make up for it.

Yun Bilu stared at her tsundere male idol and giggled in her heart. A bright glint flashed across her eyes as she said, What should I do then? I cant eat well if youre not by my side. Why dont you take me along to where youre going? You can make good food for me and watch me eat. I will become chubbier then.